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Why Small Businesses Should Study the Winners in Other Industries

Transcript of my newsletter from 13th June. If you prefer to listen: Last week I talked about building the resilience of your business in preparation for tougher times ahead. Here’s something else to think about: it’s the perfect time to zig while everyone else is zagging. That is: look at your competitors to see what… Read more

Ways to Survive Rising Inflation

Transcript from my newsletter of 6th June. If you prefer to listen: Inflation in the US, the EU and the UK is higher now than it has been for decades and, in the UK, the cost-of-living crisis is front and centre of the daily news and politics. As small- or home-businesses, we are going to… Read more

Gaining Customer Trust is Hard. Here’s Why

Transcript of my newsletter from 30th May. If you prefer to listen: There’s not much trust around these days, especially online. But even in the real-world people are becoming more guarded. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t seem to care about building trust. This does provide an opportunity for those that do, but it’s not easy… Read more

I Have an Offer for You

Text of my newsletter from 23rd May. If you prefer to listen: I have a freebie for you this week. The algorithms that the search engines use to decide which web pages to show in response to a search have always been confidential. But the top search engine optimsation (SEO) agencies generally reckon that Google… Read more

How to Get Yourself Out of a Slump

Text of my newsletter from 16th May. If you prefer to listen: When I look back on my career, both before and since I went independent, the things that come to mind first are the times I screwed up. Sometimes they just pop into my mind, other times I’m reminded of them. Yet from a… Read more

Don’t Build Your Business on Rented Land

Transcript of my email from 9th May. If you prefer to listen: Elon Musk caused a stir a couple of weeks ago when he bought Twitter. He has talked about taking it private, mooted charging a fee and pondered making the Twitter algorithms transparent. The Twittersphere is wondering what the future holds. Any algorithm-change speeds… Read more

How to Find Your Audience: Look for a Movement

Transcript from my newsletter of 2nd May. If you prefer to listen: I’m going through the revised version of a program I went through 2 years ago, on starting and growing a 7-figure, one-person business. It’s delivering a new twist on old tales. The message I’ve got so far is to stop thinking about niches… Read more

How to Lose a Customer So They Return

Text of my newsletter from 25th April. If you prefer to listen: Last week I told you that I’ve lost 40% of my customers over the past 3 years. They left Hong Kong, but it’s still tough to lose them. I’ve also lost customers who are still here, and that’s a lot harder. Losing a… Read more

Develop Resilience in Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Text from my newsletter of 18th April. If you prefer to listen: These are challenging times for small businesses! The growth of inflation is restricting peoples’ spending and increasing the cost of borrowing. Partly, that’s the result of the economic stimulus programs that were put in place to help businesses over the pandemic, but the… Read more

Should I Start a Podcast?

Text of my newsletter of 11th April. Podcasting is everywhere right now. The first one was created in 2004, when Adam Curry launched the Daily Source Code show. The following year Apple released iTunes 4.9, which supported the podcast format and created a mass market platform for it. According to Earthweb, there are now more… Read more