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Why You Should Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Text from my newsletter dated 10th January. Sometimes we get out of our comfort zones by choice, and sometimes we are forced out by circumstances. Back in 2001 the company I was employed by went bust, owing me about half a year’s pay – that put me way outside my comfort zone, and not by… Read more

Insightful Marketing Strategies for 2022

Text from my newsletter of 3rd January. Firstly, I wish you lots of success in 2022 – I hope you have a great year! I spent a fair bit of time over the holidays thinking about how I could kick my business growth up a notch. It’s easy, and comfortable, to fall into a routine… Read more

Ways to Overcome Unnecessary Fears of Failure

Text from my newsletter sent on 20th December “..Failure is not the falling down, it’s the staying down..” I had an entire range of fears when I started my business. A couple of weeks ago I talked about my fear of failure, but what I didn’t talk about was the number of ways in which… Read more

Effective Cold Outreach Tips

Text of my newsletter sent on 13th December. It used to be called cold calling – and it was a job that I hated, so I wasn’t any good at it. Today it’s called cold outreach, because the range of channels through which you can now cold contact prospects has grown. Of those channels, email… Read more

How to Grow Trust in Your Business

Text of my newsletter from 6th December. Trust: it takes time to build, and an instant to break. But here’s the challenge for businesses: the first contact a new customer has with your business is often through your website. And your website doesn’t have time to build trust. It has about 5 seconds. When I… Read more

Starting a Business: Fear, Loneliness and Other Demons

Text from my newsletter of 29th November. The emotions I most remember from when I first started my business were loneliness and a fear of failure. I was in my 50s and that, alone, meant that getting back into employment, should my business bomb, would be difficult. But, more than that, the Hong Kong business… Read more

Content Distribution: Because Social Media is Killing Your Reach

Text of my newsletter from 22nd November Two days ago, I emailed my business partner the link to the first item below, and he carried out an experiment to check the validity of its message. The result was a 100% confirmation, but I’ll give you the details later. Social media is killing your reachThe social… Read more

Differences Between Google and Facebook PPC Advertising

Text of my newsletter from 15th November. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include paid advertising, you should consider it. It is the best way to get lots of traffic to your website quickly. There are many ways and formats to run paid advertising campaigns, but today I’ll focus on Pay Per Click (PPC), and the… Read more

How Value-Based Pricing Could Double your Profitability

Text of my newsletter from 8th November My friend runs a bakery, selling vegan sourdough and bagels. All her own recipes. She’s doing well, but she wants to move from selling what she’s doing (baking bread), to selling what she knows (baking bread). So she’s planning to sell recipe books, run baking workshops and sell… Read more

How to Review and Change Your Sales Strategy

Text of my newsletter from 1st November Seth Godin wrote about ‘The Dip’ some years ago. His message is that the enthusiasm and excitement that comes with starting a new business wears off quickly, once you’re dealing with the day-to-day problems and frustrations. That’s when your true desire to build something gets tested. I went… Read more