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My Honest, Detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review – Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners

Are you worried about your financial situation? Or your job? Wealthy Affiliate can give you a rock-solid base from which to start and grow your own profitable online business, so you can erase those money worries. It will take some time but, believe me, having your own, independent source of income is worth every minute… Read more

Paid Memberships Pro Review – A Powerful, Flexible WordPress Membership Site Plugin.

Membership Sites can deliver a major revenue stream to your business In this article I’ll review the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, and show you how I use it to build membership websites with WordPress. Key facts: Product name:Paid Memberships Pro – Membership Site Plugin What it is:A highly flexible, highly customisable, powerful WordPress plugin to… Read more

Google Page Experience Update – What Does it Mean for Your Website Design?

Google recently announced that it will be introducing an update that will assess the quality of the experience users have on your website – the Page Experience Update. But what, exactly, does that mean? Well Google’s guidelines, which are typically opaque, can be found here. Good website design should be all about delivering a good… Read more

How to Find the Correct CSS Selector in a Pre-Existing Website Design

I am often asked to help people customise an existing website layout or design, where the element they want to edit is not included in the standard Appearance > Customise screens (assuming they’re using WordPress). In this situation there’s no option but to add the styling manually through the ‘Additional CSS’ tab, which you’ll find… Read more

That Error Warning from Google Search Console may be a False Positive – Here’s how to Check

Over the past year or more I was becoming increasingly frustrated with Google Search Console because I kept getting error warnings. Initially these mostly related to ‘Mobile Usability’ and I’d get a warning that ‘clickable elements were too close together’ or ‘text too small to read’ – when no changes had been made to the… Read more

How to Fix ‘Submitted URL Marked Noindex’

Every now and then I get an error message from Google Search Console that tells me a ‘submitted URL is marked noindex’. This is an easy error to attract because it’s caused by marking a new page on your site as ‘noindex’, but then forgetting to exclude it from your XML sitemap. Basically, the rule… Read more

How Google is Damaging the Business of Every-day Webmasters and Bloggers

12 years ago, when I first got into marketing online, getting regular search traffic from Google was reliable, as long as you played by their rules. I played by their rules because, at the time, their rules made a lot of sense and did result in a good user experience. And I got traffic. In… Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium – How do I Choose?

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year now, and I’m often asked which plan offers the best value – the Starter (free) Plan or the Premium Plan. The answer actually depends on a number of things:Your current level of Internet Marketing knowledge and experienceThe amount of money you have available to invest… Read more

Why You Should Combine Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing Here’s what I cover in this post: What is dropshipping? What is affiliate marketing? The similarities between dropshipping and affiliate marketing Combining dropshipping and affiliate marketing I was searching online this week for the differences between dropshipping and affiliate marketing, really just to see how other people were defining them. But… Read more

Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started

In this article I go through:A checklist for getting started with affiliate marketingHow to find the best affiliate programsTwo things you need to do to succeedSources of further information and support Affiliate Marketing is a huge and growing industry. It’s also the cheapest, and one of the best ways, to start an online business, if… Read more

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Should I Use It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google project that is designed to make web pages load more quickly for visitors on mobile devices. Sounds like a good idea, right? Fast loading pages (especially on mobile) is definitely a good idea! But do you have to use AMP to create them? No. (More on that later)… Read more