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You’ve set up your small business, and you have a great product or service, but you just can’t get traction.

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I can understand your frustration – you’ve put a lot of thought and work into your business.

In fact, you probably found starting it a lot easier than growing it!

My free, weekly newsletter gives you detailed, practical information on copywriting techniques, marketing hacks, social media strategies and more.

It will help you to unstick your business, increase sales, and create the growth you’re looking for.

How will it do that?

Every week, I do dive-deep research into the mass of information on growing a successful small business, and I pick out the 4 best, most practical resources I find.

And I send them out in my newsletter, every Monday.

No selling. No gimmicks.

Just 4 links, each Monday, to current, detailed, practical information.

Here’s what I cover:

  • Persuasive copywriting tips and techniques
  • Marketing hacks and strategies for your business
  • Growth hacks to kick start your business
  • Ways to build your personal brand
  • How to use social media effectively
  • Tools to improve your productivity
  • Ways to raise funding for your business
  • Interviews with small business owners
  • How to better manage your cash flow

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“. . .A newsletter that I actually look forward to receiving. If you are thinking about, or are in the process of, setting up a solo business, Martin’s newsletter will save you time. The links to well researched content, and none of the usual “get rich quick” hyperbole, make for a valuable source of good information. . .”

Wendy Coombes
The Inbound Marketing Coach

“. . .Martin’s newsletter hits the spot every week. A must for any Gen-Xers or Boomers who are starting or growing a one-person business. . .”

Eric Buckley, Owner – Siamcomm.com

“. . .Martin was one of the first business owners I followed when I started my business in 2008. His information was invaluable to me. So, when I saw his post about a newsletter for solo business owners, I quickly signed up.

As I am looking to transition to additional business lines, I appreciate the information Martin provides. His resource links save me time researching, and deliver the kind of information that is both helpful and enlightening…”

Cathy Miller, Owner – cathymiller.biz

“. . .As a one-person business owner, wearing quite a few hats, I’m always short of time. Martin finds and curates information that not only saves me time, but gives me new and better ways to work in the online space . . .”

Gina Kasmas

Join us: unstick your small business and create the growth you’re looking for!

4 links to detailed, practical information and growth hacks, in your inbox, every Monday.

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Martin Malden

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