10 Easy Steps to Consistent Website Visitors From the Search Engines

by Martin Malden

I read a post today from someone who’s experienced the frustration of focusing on the Search Engines for their website traffic.

The problem is – the search engines keep changing their algorithms in order to improve the relevance of their results and to block loopholes the black-hatters find.  And this can really blow your search engine rankings.

I had the same experience 18 months ago when I was depending on PPC via Adwords for my traffic:  the Adwords algorithms were changed every couple of months (or more frequently) which often screwed up my campaigns.  Extremely frustrating.

So I stopped relying on Adwords and looked for other ways of getting traffic.  And gradually my traffic is building up and remaining consistent – meaning that it’s resistant to changes in the search engine algorithms.

Although I’m by no means an SEO wizard, I now follow 10 basic rules for every site I put up. Here they are:

  1. Complete all your META tags – individually for each page. More details here
  2. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google.  Remember to create and submit a new one each time you add or remove a page
  3. Use your H1 and H2 tags properly and include your keywords or closely related words in each
  4. Avoid flash and scripts as far as possible
  5. Use CSS with an external stylesheet
  6. Run a PHP based RSS feed on an ‘articles’ or ‘news’ page – making sure the content it pulls in is totally relevant. (PHP based because the SE’s can read it – they can’t read java based ones)
  7. For every image link also include a text link with good anchor text
  8. Complete an ‘alt’ tag for every image, describing what the image is depicting.
  9. Link to your site from wherever possible (Squidoo, Hubpages, your blogs, profiles on the Social sites, etc) as long as the links are relevant
  10. Write well-written, well-presented, well-researched and detailed articles.

For a new site I sometimes set up a small PPC campaign to get things going but once I’m getting the same amount of traffic from the natural search results as from the PPC I ditch the PPC campaign.


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