10 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting and 5 Things I Should do Better

An extraordinarily refreshing post on Men With Pens today on why you should not write too often.

Refreshing, because it goes against the advice all bloggers get when they start out: namely that they must post a new article every day.

That’s one piece of advice I’ve never followed, not just because I’m inherently lazy but because I simply don’t have the time.

This site has always been about providing ‘how to’ processes and solutions for people.

And to write one of those articles everyday requires too much research and checking-of-facts to be possible, especially when you have a load of other stuff to do.

The Men With Pens article argues that quality is more important than quantity. And that continuous improvement of your writing skills is indispensable.

Both of which I totally agree with.

So, remembering that good writing is about presentation as well as the words you use, here are 10 things I concentrate on in order to keep my writing up to snuff:

  1. I use short sentences
  2. I use short paragraphs
  3. I use headings and subheadings
  4. I try to describe things I’ve done, or that have happened to me, to make the article more personal
  5. I use the spelling and grammar checker
  6. I use bulleted or numbered lists
  7. I start with a clear objective for the article
  8. I leave every article until the next day before I do the final edit and publish it
  9. I write like I talk
  10. I read every article out loud to myself when I’m editing it (to make sure it sounds like I talk)

And here are 5 things I know I should do more of:

  1. I should use stories more often
  2. I should get more emotion into my articles
  3. I should be harder on myself when editing – I still use too many words
  4. I should link out to other resources more
  5. I should improve the titles I write

Hope you found something useful in there 🙂


Martin Malden

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