3 Timeless Tips for Internet Marketing Newbies

TimelessI’ve been lucky enough to pick up a nice new contract, setting up and maintaining websites for a group of 6 restaurant/bars here in Hong Kong.

As a result I’ve had a frantic week and I haven’t had time to research and produce my normal second article.

So, instead, I’ve spent some time looking back over articles I’ve written before, finding ones that I think are timeless and relevant to people starting out with Internet Marketing today.

Here they are (3 of them) with a short intro to each:

How to Succeed

My first (and short-lived) entry into Internet Marketing was trying to sell Clickbank products through Adwords. That was tough and didn’t last long, but I learnt a lot!

After licking my wounds, my next entry was a Direct Sales/MLM business.

I did recover my investment on that one, which was good, but the business owners turned out to be flakey and I pulled out of that one too, when it was obvious the business was dying on its feet.

But that business prompted me to start this blog (my first one), in order to provide a resource for people in my downline.

And one of the articles I wrote at the time, that still carries importance today, is this one:

How to Succeed with G.A.P. (But please make sure you read the update at the bottom!)

What are You Selling?

This next article carries a very simple message that’s missed by many of the MLM/Direct Sales businesses like G.A.P. (that I referred to in the previous article).

The emphasis in G.A.P. was on signing up new members – it was called a ‘system’ sale.

Basically, new members paid a healthy chunk of money for the right to persuade others to invest a healthy chunk of money.

But real products that brought real value to someone? A lot of talk (in that business) but never any real products – which was the reason I left.

This article talks about products and how to get hold of one to sell. Because if you don’t have a product you don’t have a business:

If you want to make money online sell something.


One of the things you hear when you start Blogging is that you must post regularly. Every day, if possible, or even more frequently.

And the reason you need to do this is that the search engines ‘love new content’.

I don’t agree.

They love good quality content that lots of people link to. They don’t love trash just because it’s served up twice a day.

I touched on this back in the dark days of December 2008, when everyone was still in shock at the Global Financial Crisis.

I wrote an article setting out some principles I was going to follow with my blogging in 2009.

Now, 18 months later, I can say that I’m following those principles. But it wasn’t always like that.

To paraphrase: there’s enough junk on the Internet already – it certainly doesn’t need any more.

Here’s the full monty:

What am I going to do in 2009.

I hope you like those articles – I think the messages in each form solid principles for people new to working online.


Martin Malden

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