5 More Useful Internet Marketing Tools

I introduced some of the online Internet Marketing tools I use in this article, with the promise I’d review more.

So here they are.

Again, they’re all free to use although some do have some limitations. To get around them you’ll need to either upgrade or pay.

The cost is usually insanely cheap, though, and these are all good resources if you’re starting out.

HTML and CSS Tutorials.

Even if you build sites quite regularly, you’ll find that you often come across something you’d like to do but you can’t quite remember how. Happens to me all the time šŸ™‚

The Web building tutorials at W3Schools cover HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, SQL and database. Pretty much everything you need to know.

They’re wonderful resources, very easy to follow and very easy to find what you need if you’re just looking for a specific command you want to code.

Even easier, and probably better for people who’ve never touched CSS before, is this beginner’s tutorial on CSS.

It takes you step by step through the process of building a page from scratch using CSS to do all your styling. It’s an excellent way to learn the fundamental principles of CSS and it lays the perfect foundation for the more advanced lessons you’ll get at W3Schools.

Colour Code Conversion Tables.

This is a great site for correlating Red Green Blue (RGB), Hexadecimal and CMYK colour codes.

RGB and Hex codes are both used on web pages, and Hex is used more frequently now than RGB.

CMYK colours are used for printing.

This table saved my life when I designed my business cards. I did the design on my PC and the colours were all in Hex codes, but the printers needed CMYK. Not a problem thanks to this site.

Optimise your Website Quality.

This is a great site for analysing the SEO effectiveness of your site.

You type in your URL and you’ll get an abbreviated report back giving a summary of SEO related problems and pointers for fixing them.

The initial evaluation and report is free, but if you want the full monty you’ll need to pay. The full monty does get you a very detailed report, though.

Website Grader.

This is another tool that evaluates your site.

The reports generated by Website Grader are not as comprehensive as Lipperhey, and the emphasis is a bit different. These guys focus on what they call the Marketing effectiveness of your site rather than the pure SEO effectiveness.

Therefore they look for opt in forms and RSS feeds – not specifically SEO related items, but definitely items that help with the marketing effectiveness of your site.

They do cover SEO, though, and in more than enough depth to satisfy the search engines. So I recommend this site, especially if you’re just starting out.

Hack Checker.

This is a super useful tool if you have reason to believe you may have been hacked.

Remember – not all hackings are immediately obvious. Sometimes the hacker will place discreet links which are hidden in your footer. Neither you nor any of your visitors will know they’re there. In fact you won’t notice anything at all until your search engine traffic suddenly dries up.

If you’d like to know what Google holds on your site all you need to do is type your URL into the box and hit check. The tool will go off and get a copy of all the off-site links in Google’s cache – i.e. the links from your site to others.

If you’re managing your site carefully you should recognise all the links it returns, but if there are any you don’t recognise you can click them to check.

If any of them are going to spam sites you can immediately identify and remove them.

If things have got to this stage you’ll need to clean up and check your site thoroughly and then re-submit it to Google with a request to re-index it.

They may take up to a couple of weeks to do so, but you will eventually get your rankings and traffic back.

OK – that completes the online tools I use regularly. If you have other tools that you use please let us know by leaving a comment!

What do you think?

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  • corrie Dec 2, 2009 @ 8:25

    Can’t wait until I get to the point that I can use these. I’ve already picked up a couple of books on HTML and CSS…which have helped me already.
    .-= corrieĀ“s last blog ..Need Your Help =-.

    • Martin Dec 2, 2009 @ 19:31

      You’ll be at that point soon – you’re very quick to pick things up!

      Glad to see you got everything back up and running again – good job!



  • Brad Harmon Dec 3, 2009 @ 7:53

    Hey Martin, I am enjoying this series. I learned about Jing the other day, and now I am about to check out some of the sites above. Thanks for the info.
    .-= Brad HarmonĀ“s last blog ..How to Get Paid by the Church =-.

    • Martin Dec 3, 2009 @ 9:01

      You’re welcome – glad it was useful!