5 Ways to Blow Your Customers’ Socks Off

I love flying, but I hate travelling by air. The entire process becomes more unpleasant every year.

So when I travelled to the UK recently for a 2-week trip, I decided change my journey: instead of taking a direct flight with mediocre service and uncomfortable seats, I decided to break the flight into two legs.

So my journey was Hong Kong to Dubai and then Dubai to Birmingham.

And I did it on Emirates – consistently my airline of choice.

5 things marketers can learn from Emirates

Here are 5 things that Emirates do that we should be doing or avoiding in our own businesses:

  1. They were totally transparent throughout the booking process about the costs and what I got in return. (Many airlines exclude taxes from the prices they quote online – these only hit you later in the process. Are you using obscurity to get a new customer hooked only to hit them with more costs later?)
  2. Their shopping cart journey was smooth, logical and well sign-posted. (Many online shopping experiences are a recipe for pure stress. Have you tried buying anything on your own site recently? How was the process?)
  3. Their check-in process was welcoming, they explained the arrangements for the mid-trip transfer and I left with my boarding passes, knowing what to expect. (Many times you’re left to try and figure it out for yourself or to find someone to ask. Do your customers know what the next step is in the process you’re putting them through? Do they know what they can expect from you?)
  4. The meals on board (the feature that stars in their ads) were the best I’ve tasted on any airline, anywhere. (Most airline food, even in business class, is pretty dismal but Emirates met or, rather, exceeded their promise. Are you meeting or beating your marketing promises?)
  5. My on-board meals were served, one dish at a time, with each being removed only when I had finished. (Most airline meals, even in business class, are brought to you on a tray which you’re left to work your way through. Do your customers get personalised, individual treatment or are they ‘processed’ by automated systems?)

Technology today is getting better and better at enabling marketers to treat customers as individuals rather than a herd, but are you making the most of it?

In my experience, few companies are – and that provides an opportunity for the rest of us.


Martin Malden

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