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6 Ways To Establish Trust

One of the ways to improve the conversion rate of a landing page is to improve the amount of trust you establish with your visitors.  And, as always, you have about 5 seconds in which to do it.

So how can you develop trust?  Here are 6 ways:

1) Place a picture of yourself on your page.  One where you’re smiling and you look welcoming.

2) Place a short audio message from you on your page – but don’t make it auto play.  Place control buttons there and invite the visitor to listen to your message.  (This puts the visitor in control, gets them interacting with your site and avoids them missing half of your message because their speakers are turned off)

3) Place a video of you on your site, with all the same provisos as for audio.  And choose one or the other, not both!

4) Place association membership badges on your site.  If you’re not already a member of an association related to the product you’re selling then join one.  And place your membership badge where it will be easily seen.  Trust Earned Travel, Verified by Visa, Google Qualified Marketer – a badge of membership that your visitors can click through to verify you’re real and professional

5) Make yourself available.  Place your business street address on your site and make it easy for visitors to contact you.  Using an email address (even one disguised with anchor text) will increase spam so either use one that you don’t mind receiving lots of spam on (but make sure you check it each day) or use a contact form.  Even contact forms have their dangers, but you can add code to reduce spam – a subject for a different post.

6) Write an About page and give your visitors a chance to get to know you a bit.

There are plenty of other ways – for example on this blog I don’t use Audio or Video but I do list all my Social site memberships, including one which contains 6 albums of images from my life here in Hong Kong and where I grew up in Zimbabwe.

The object of all these steps is to help your visitors get to know you and assure them that you’re genuine, professional, and you’ll provide good quality support and service.  These are the things that visitors to real world businesses make decisions on based on the people they see and talk to while making their purchasing decision.

Leave us a comment to let us know how you establish trust on your site!

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