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Hi there, I’m Martin,

Martin MaldenI grew up in Zimbabwe (it was Rhodesia back then), studied in South Africa, and moved to Hong Kong in 1995.

I spent many years in the corporate world, and the longer I was there the more I realised that I was not in control of my job security.

Sure, I had always met my objectives, but I was becoming increasingly aware that that was not enough.

Then in February 2009, in the midst of the global financial crisis, my employer decided to cut its capital expenditure, and canned the project I was leading – along with my job.

There was nothing I could do about it – it was simply my employer taking what it saw as a necessary step in view of the business climate.

As I said, I had been aware for some years that I could not rely on an employer for job security, and I had been preparing my plan B, which was to set up on my own.

What happened in 2009 was the trigger I needed to turn those plans into reality.

And today I have the confidence that comes from knowing that I am, now, in control of my own destiny.

The pandemic and the over-50s

Thanks to the pandemic, millions of people found themselves unexpectedly out of work. Again, through no fault of their own.

Many of those were in their 50s or older, and it’s tough to find a new job in difficult times, but especially so after 50.

As a result, many turned to setting up their own business.

And millions of people who didn’t get laid off, but worked from home during the pandemic, took stock of their lives – and joined the ‘Great Resignation’.

So the number of new businesses registered sky-rocketed – millions are making use of today’s technology to establish their own businesses.

But, after the initial burst, growing and scaling a one-person business can be tough.

I know, as I said earlier: I’ve run my own one-person business since 2009.

4 curated top business growth tips, once a week

Today I curate a weekly newsletter focused on helping one-person business owners to fire up their business growth.

I find 4 articles, that offer current, detailed information, not the same old stuff that’s been re-hashed countless times, and I send them out in my newsletter every Monday.

Here are the things I cover:

  • Persuasive copywriting tips and techniques
  • Marketing hacks and strategies for your business
  • How to set up and run an online business
  • Growth hacks to kick start your business
  • Ways to build your personal brand
  • How to use social media effectively
  • Ways to manage stress and pressure
  • Ways to raise funding for your business

Here’s a sample.

If you’ve set up your business, with a great product or service, but you’re not getting traction, the resources I curate will give you the information you need to fire up your business growth.

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