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Hi there, I’m Martin,

Martin MaldenI grew up in Zimbabwe (it was Rhodesia back then), studied in South Africa, and moved to Hong Kong in 1995.

Having had my own one-person business since 2009, I would encourage anyone to do the same.

I launched this website, also in 2009, to provide a resource for people who were getting into blogging and using WordPress as their platform.

You can find a complete listing of all articles on the site here.

Today, it contains articles on most aspects of working online, as well as articles on how to use WordPress.

It’s also home to my weekly newsletter for over 50s who are starting or running their own business – more details below.

The pandemic and the over-50s

Thanks to the pandemic, millions of people found themselves unexpectedly out of work.

Many of those were in their 50s or older, and it’s tough to find a new job in difficult times, but especially so after 50.

As a result, many people turned to setting up their own business.

And millions of people who didn’t get laid off, but worked from home during the pandemic, took stock of their lives – and joined the ‘Great Resignation’.

So the number of new businesses registered over the past 18 months has sky-rocketed, and millions are making use of today’s technology to establish their own personal enterprises.

4 curated tips, once a week

Having run my own one-person business since 2009, I figured I could set up a weekly newsletter, offering thoughts from my own experience, and maybe help those who are just starting out.

But, to add more value, I decided to research additional information.

So each week, I research information on starting and growing a one-person business. I curate the 4 best articles that I find, and I send them out in my newsletter every Monday.

Here are the kinds of things I cover:

  • Persuasive copywriting techniques
  • Marketing strategies for your business
  • How to set up and run an online business
  • Interviews with small business owners
  • Ways to build your personal brand
  • How to use social media effectively
  • Tools to improve your productivity
  • Ways to raise funding for your business
  • How to better manage your cash flow

Here’s a sample.

If you’re thinking about setting out on your own, or you’ve already made the move, I’d love you to join us.

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