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And Why You Should Start a Solo Business After 50

It will enable you to take control, and live your life the way you want to.

Hi there, I’m Martin,

I’m a permanent expat, currently living in Hong Kong, and a corporate escapee who’s been at liberty since 2009.

Martin MaldenHaving had my own business since then, I encourage anyone to do the same, especially if you can grow it to be your main hustle.

It will give you something to fall back on if you’re laid off and, ultimately, it gives you control over your own destiny.

You don’t have to go cold turkey and walk out of your corporate job, but the possibility of your corporate job walking out on you is growing – so it makes sense to be prepared with something to fall back on!

Job security is in ever shorter supply, especially in the current pandemic!

If you already have a ‘Plan B’, I’d definitely encourage you to think seriously about turning it into your ‘Plan A’.

After all, the Internet, and today’s amazing technology, makes starting and scaling up a solopreneur business easy.

Just you. No employees, no hassle. And the ability to scale it to 7 figures if that’s what you want.

Maybe I can help. . .

I started my solo business in 2009, at the age of 52.

Today, I scour the web daily for resources that are helpful and useful, and which enable me to continue growing and improving my business.

It’s a permanent learning experience, because new tools and ways of doing things are appearing all the time.

It’s exciting!

I find things like:

  • New business tools
  • Different funding options to grow my business
  • Advice from experts on new or different marketing tactics
  • Better ways of managing my business finances
  • Different types of business opportunities that technology makes possible today
  • Interviews with successful solopreneurs
  • Ways to sell stuff online (with or without a website)

A free tutorial

So, in order to help anyone who’s thinking about starting a solo business, I’ve put together a free tutorial that covers the tools you will need and the steps you should take.

And, in addition, every week I collate the best information that I find online into a newsletter for solo business owners, along with links to each resource.

If you’re thinking about starting, or already running, your own solo business, my tutorial and the information that I send out each week will turbo-charge your plans.

Here’s a sample newsletter.

Why not join us? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

See how to start a solo business and live your best life after 50!


Who am I?

I grew up in Zimbabwe (it was Rhodesia back then), studied in South Africa, and moved to Hong Kong in 1995.

After leaving school and university, I spent 23 years in the corporate world, initially back in Rhodesia, then 16 years in the UK and 14 years in Hong Kong, before I escaped to start my solo business in 2009.

My overall lifestyle improved so dramatically after I set up on my own that my only regret was not doing it earlier!

Anyway, once again, I do recommend you seriously look at turning your Plan B into your Plan A – get my tutorial and weekly newsletter and start building your declaration of independence!

See how to start a solo business and live your best life after 50!




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