Why You Should Start a Home Based Business After You Reach 50 – Like I Did

Helping people in their 50s and 60s to learn how to set up a small one- or two-person business, that enables them to live a fulfilling, happy and profitable lifestyle.

Work provides purpose and meaning to many people throughout their career. And for many, the thought of retirement implies losing that purpose.

But ‘retirement’ provides the opportunity to pivot towards something you’re deeply interested in, and that can lead to greater satisfaction and a happier life.

This site specifically focuses on helping people in their 50s and 60s to establish their own one- or two-person business online that can, in turn, support that deeper interest and provide a fulfilling lifestyle.

Helping the over-50s enjoy a profitable, happy and fulfilling lifestyle – as I am doing

I am a Boomer, earning an income online from my small, one-person business, which is giving me a lifestyle that I love.

When I reached 50 I knew that I would not have enough savings to be able to retire (in the traditional sense) at 65.

Also – I did not want to retire.

At the time I was still employed in the corporate world, but I was thinking more and more about setting up my own business.

Among other reasons was my belief that I would be more secure financially than I would be if I was employed. This belief was growing steadily stronger all the time.

To cut a long story short, I went independent in 2009 (at age 56) when the project I was leading was canned because of the global financial crisis.

That confirmed my belief that I would be more financially secure in my own business than by being a corporate employee!

I did not borrow to start my one-person business, and I’ve never borrowed to support its growth. But I’m doing what I love, with no debt and an income that supports my lifestyle.

Curating information that’s valuable to solopreneurs

Today I scour the web daily for resources that are helpful and useful to me, in my business.

When I find good resources I collate them, and I send out an email, once a week, to others who are also running, or planning to run, their own small, one-person businesses.

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Who am I?

I grew up in Zimbabwe (it was Rhodesia back then), studied in South Africa, and I’ve lived in Hong Kong since 1995.

After leaving school and university, I spent 23 years in the corporate world, initially back in Rhodesia, then 16 years in the UK and 14 years in Hong Kong, before going independent in 2009 (as I explained above).

My level of satisfaction and enjoyment, my overall lifestyle, improved so dramatically after I went independent that my only regret was not doing it earlier!

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