Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a long term business

Is this the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training program around?

Affiliate marketing is an excellent, low-cost way of building a new income stream – but where can you get the best training?

I’ve returned to Wealthy Affiliate after a 10 year break – here is what I’ve found.

Key facts:

Program: Wealthy Affiliate – learn affiliate marketing online
What it is: An easy way to learn how to create a new income stream. All the tools, systems, training and support you need, all in one place.
Rating: 4.99/5.00
Where to sign up: Wealthy Affiliate

Two plans:

  • Free (no need for a credit card)
  • Premium: US$49/month (See below for a bonus)


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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is what most of us do, most of the time – we talk about products we like to others.

But you can make this into a business.

The business of affiliate marketing is where you tell others about products online (via your website – no need to ‘sell’ to anyone) and earn a commission when people buy.

Four step process to making money

At Wealthy Affiliate we provide all the training, tools and systems you need, and we take you, step by step, through the four stages of affiliate marketing:

  1. You set up a website, which you can do in 5 minutes with a few clicks. (We give you the tools and systems to do that, and we walk you step-by-step through the entire process).
  2. You select products you like (we show you where to find those products – there are hundreds of thousands of them waiting to be promoted).
  3. You put your chosen products on your website (we walk you through this process step-by-step).
  4. People visit your website (we show you how to get website visitors). If they click the links on the products you’re promoting and buy the product, you earn a commission.

It’s that simple.

Does it work?

Yes. I’ve been promoting different products as an affiliate since 2006 and I’ve made good money.

But don’t listen to me, see what others have to say:

“. . .Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. . .” – Bo Bennet, PhD, Business Consultant

“. . . Approximately 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing. . .” – Business Insider Intelligence

And Wealthy Affiliate members are having success with affiliate marketing, thanks to the systems, tools and training we provide:

Wealthy Affiliate testimonial
Wealthy Affiliate testimonial 2

Affiliate marketing is a huge and growing industry.

How to start an affiliate marketing business

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site that will take you by the hand and help you to set up and grow an affiliate marketing business, starting from scratch.

If you have a specialist skill or a passion that you’d like to turn into a business that’s great.

If not, no problem. Wealthy Affiliate will take you through a process that will find a business niche for you. It’s the first part of the training.

From there you have all the tools, training and support you need to take yourself all the way through to earning a long-term, regular income from affiliate marketing.

How am I qualified to talk about affiliate marketing?

I’ve been promoting products as an affiliate since 2006, following the 4 step process I described above.

In my job I use different tools and systems. When I find a good one I check to see if the product owners have an affiliate program. If they do, I sign up and promote the product (or service) on my website, and I earn a commission whenever someone buys.

I’m still earning commissions today on affiliate programs I joined years ago – just because the product is mentioned on my website. Someone reads what I wrote, clicks the link, buys the product and I earn a commission.

It really is that simple!

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Quite simply: there is zero risk.

zero risk badgeYou can join Wealthy Affiliate for free (no need for a credit card, so no risk of being billed unexpectedly).

As a free member you can register a domain, set up your website and be on the way to building your business within a matter of hours.

You’ll get training, mentoring, access to free tools and the support of the thousands of active members.

And you can stay as a free member for as long as you want.

How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around? Is it here for the long term?

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2003.

Since then, the founders and owners have consistently evolved and grown it. The improvements they’re continually developing, year in, year out, have ensured that Wealthy Affiliate and its members have prospered and grown through continuous changes in the industry.

Not so long ago you could find an affiliate program online and route traffic to it with Google Adwords advertisements – no need for a website. Not today.

Now affiliate marketers not only need to have a website, but we need to provide useful insights on the products we are promoting.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate excels: evolving with changes in the industry, and teaching you to create good websites and write high quality content. It provides everything you need, in clear, simple terms, now and into the future.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2003 and is here for the long term.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer you?

Here’s what is available to you:

  • Tools to help you choose and find the perfect domain (your web address)
  • Tools to build beautiful websites in minutes with just a few clicks
  • Hosting automatically set up for your website (up to 50 websites for Premium members)
  • An extensive library of training videos and tutorials, with new ones being released each week
  • Weekly live training webinars (recorded so you can view at any time)
  • An article writing platform that includes a grammar and spelling checker and thousands of stock images
  • Keyword research tools to help you write good articles
  • Two separate step-by-step, 50-lesson training courses on affiliate marketing
  • Tools to help you track your earnings
  • Personal mentoring (from me if you join us by clicking one of the links on this page)
  • An affiliate program so you can earn money from day 1 (details below)
  • Top class support for any problems that may arise with your website

Wealthy Affiliate provides absolutely everything you need in order to set up, develop and run a successful affiliate marketing business – whether or not you have done any work online before.

The systems and tools you get

Wealthy Affiliate has specially designed systems and tools that enable you to do absolutely everything you need to develop a long-term income.

They take you by the hand and enable you to register domains, set up website hosting, build websites (based on WordPress), research keywords for your articles, write and publish articles, get feedback and support – all without ever needing to know one bit of code.

These tools provide a true one-stop-shop, enabling you to do everything in one place, within your one monthly fee.

You can access all of these tools through a simple, well laid out, intuitive user-interface. In many cases all you need to do is click a button.

Everything you need to do to set up and run an affiliate marketing business is contained in one place.

The training you get

The breadth and depth of training available is, quite simply, greater than any similar membership site in which I’ve been a member.

A testimonial from a Wealthy Affiliate memberThere are 2 detailed, structured courses, focused on different aspects of affiliate marketing.

They both assume you are starting with no knowledge and take you all the way to having your website set up (including links that enable you to earn commissions), being returned in Google’s search results and attracting visitors.

These two courses are stored in the training area so you can review individual modules or the entire course at any time.

In addition to those, there are 13 different forums (called classrooms) where you can ask any question on any subject and get answers quickly.

Very often one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate will respond to your question.

Further, there is a weekly live training webinar. These are recorded and permanently stored in the training area so you can watch them in your own time.

Finally, there are literally thousands of tutorials produced by experienced Wealthy Affiliate members that are available to you.

Your personal mentor

In addition to all that training, you get a personal mentor.

Martin MaldenIf you were to join by clicking one of the links on this page you will automatically be linked to me, which means I will become your personal mentor.

Whenever you ask questions in the forums I am notified and I can check in to see what you’ve asked and what answers you’ve received. If you’ve received the information you need that’s great but, if not, I will make sure you get it.

And, of course, you can contact me direct at any time – for example if you just need some help or advice on how to approach something.

Shortly after joining you will receive a message from me. That message invites you to contact me and explains how to do so.

Do please take up my invitation. That will enable me to help you get settled in as quickly as possible, and stay with you as you get your business up and running.

As I said earlier, I’ve been promoting different products through affiliate marketing since 2006 and I’ve made good money. I’m also a WordPress designer and developer, so I can give you experienced help in both the process of building your website and promoting it online.

Wealthy Affiliate culture – experts that care

The culture that Wealthy Affiliate’s owners have been able to create is one of the most supportive I’ve experienced – and I’ve joined a number of other membership training programs over the years. The Wealthy Affiliate culture is built on mutual support, integrity and honesty.

Everybody is willing to chip in and help – if you ask a question anywhere you will get lots of answers, very quickly, from experienced members.

Image of people holding hands in a team support gestureWith well over 350,000 active members, who have been through the same process as you’re going through, there will always be quick and ready answers to any questions you have.

One of the reasons the culture is so supportive is that spamming of any kind is an absolute ‘no-no’ in Wealthy Affiliate.

The usual ‘visit my website’ or ‘try my product’ type posts, that pop up regularly in my experience of other similar membership sites, just don’t appear anywhere in Wealthy Affiliate. This removes the element of self-interest and contributes strongly to a ‘team’ environment.

I was caught out by this in my early days because I linked to an article on one of my sites that provided a detailed answer to someone’s question. I was quickly told that that was not acceptable.

Whether it’s the complete ban on spam of any kind, or the example set by the owners, the culture they have created in Wealthy Affiliate is incredibly supportive.

If you’re just starting out and feeling your way, this is a tremendous benefit.

No one is in competition – everyone is working together, helping each other, to make their businesses as successful as possible.

Money – how much does it cost

Cost – Free, or US$0.98 a day for the Premium Plan

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, and you can stay as a free member for as long as you like. There is no requirement for a credit card, so no chance of being unexpectedly billed for anything.

Money in a bag with a dollar signThis gives you the chance to test-drive the system.

It enables you to set up 2 websites, get 10 lessons of training on how to develop a business promoting Wealthy Affiliate (great if you’re not sure what business you’d like to start), access to 2 classrooms, free use of the keyword tool, access to live chat and join the affiliate program.

I recommend you join the free plan initially.

That way you can test the whole system. There’s no pressure to upgrade, you retain all the benefits for as long as you’re a member and that will help you to decide whether the premium plan is for you.

Upgrade options

The base Premium plan costs US$49 a month (a good deal because everything is included – up to 50 websites, hosting, training, support, etc.), but there’s a special bonus price of US$19 for the first month if you decide to upgrade within your first 7 days of free membership.

Outside that bonus offer there are 2 upgrade options that give you a better deal:

  1. 6-monthly billing that will save you US$60 a year over the monthly billing option
  2. Yearly billing that will save you US$229 a year (making the investment equivalent to US$0.98 a day)

Wealthy Affiliate upgrade payment options

Premium unlocks the rest of the benefits. For example, it gives you up to 50 websites (including hosting), a website security package, automated website backups, access to the full affiliate bootcamp and online entrepreneur certificate courses, and many other features.

Importantly, there are no fixed terms – if you’re on monthly billing you can cancel your Premium membership and revert to free membership at any time.

To see a full comparison of the two plans click here.

But it’s not all about cost – there’s income potential from day 1

Income – you’re eligible for the affiliate program from day 1

You can also earn while you learn with the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, which is excellent.

As a free member you’re eligible for the affiliate program from the day you join.

Lifetime earnings stampFree members get a recurring commission of 25% of the monthly fee paid by anyone who signs up to the Premium plan through your affiliate link.

Recurring commissions means that every month you get 25% of the monthly membership fee paid by every Premium member who signed up through your link, for as long as they remain members.

As a Premium member, that goes to 50%.

This currently works out at an average of US$121 per sale for existing affiliates. (Note: that is an average, it is not a guarantee..!).

Given that the Affiliate Bootcamp course is designed to teach you how to sign up people in the most effective way possible (remember: as a free member you get the first 10 lessons in this course), this represents an excellent earning potential from day 1.

Basically – if you’re a Premium member your monthly fee is covered once you’ve signed up 2 new members. As a free member it’s all profit.

My overall view – pros and cons

1. Pros

It goes without saying that, if you’re interested in learning how to develop another income stream, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate without reservation.

The tools and systems, allied with the breadth and depth of training that’s available, means that you can become a member with absolutely no experience of working online, and take yourself all the way up to earning a steady income from affiliate marketing.

Your monthly fee provides you with absolutely everything you need.

A mature couple looking happily at a computerThe two certificated courses, the personal mentoring and guidance, and the training resources mean that as long as you put in the work, you will succeed sooner or later.

I emphasised that phrase ‘as long as you put in the work’ on purpose!

On the money side, you can join for free (with no need for a credit card) and stay as a free member for as long as you like. There’s no pressure to upgrade until (or if) you want to, but remember the bonus that’s available if you upgrade within your first 7 days.

On the income side, the affiliate program is one of the best I’ve ever come across and you’re eligible from the day you join, either as a free or premium member.

Overall, the supportive culture, the training, the systems and the tools make for a very powerful membership site.

2. Cons

The flip side of there being so much training material available is that it’s a massive task keeping it all up to date – and in a number of places this has not happened.

A person thinking about thingsSo when you’re going through the courses, or selecting videos to watch, be sure to check the date on which the material was produced.

If it’s any older than a year or 18 months (and some date back to 2013) make a note to ask in the forums to see if there is any updated information. You’ll get an answer very quickly and, as your personal mentor, I’m always here to help too.

The complete ban on linking to your pre-existing website (if you have one!) is something I chafed against initially.

I do understand that it’s easier to impose, and police, a complete ban on that, rather than leaving it to judgement on individual cases, but it does sometimes mean that information that could be useful to the community is blocked.

None-the-less, I can see that this ban is one of the things that contributes to the welcoming, supportive culture.

In closing…

The systems, tools and training are absolutely top class This gives you complete flexibility.

As I said at the outset, Wealthy Affiliate has been in business and growing consistently since 2003 – 15 years at the time of writing.

That, alone, is testament to the quality of the systems, tools and training that it offers.

But it also shows that it has evolved and grown as the industry has changed, and that it’s here for the long haul.

You can get in for free and stay as a free member as long as you like – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So – I do recommend you join us, and I look forward to helping you achieve your income goals – remember: I will be your personal mentor.

Why not take the system for a test-drive:


Martin Malden

Martin Malden
Owner – WealthyDragon.