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Authority Rules, Reciprocity and Websites

Brian Clark recently released the Authority Rules report. If you haven’t read it you must – it contains enormous value.

But, even more interesting, he recently published a post on CopyBlogger that explained his strategy behind Authority Rules.

Rarely have I seen a better example and lesson in how to market on-line – both the Authority Rules report and the strategy behind it.

Brian’s strategy contained 5 pillars, one of which was Reciprocity.

And that’s the one that grabbed me.

Reciprocity is another way of saying ‘give and ye shall receive’.

Most marketers (including me) have persuaded people to opt in to their list with the promise of great things in return – a free report or some seriously enticing information.

Reciprocity is about reversing that process: give the free report out first because people will feel obliged to opt in to your list in return.

It seems that this is twice as effective as asking them to opt in first. This link summarises the results of the study that demonstrated this – and there’s a link to the study itself, but you’ll need to opt in to read it in full (ironic, that).

Anyway – reciprocity appealed to me so much as a strategy that I’m now half way through building a website that will take beginners through the entire process of installing and configuring WordPress, in baby steps, and a whole lot more besides.

It should be ready in another week or so.

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