Authority Rules OK

I’ve just read Brian Clark’s latest freebie, Authority Rules.

Releasing a publication as good as this for free is, itself, a master-class in marketing on-line.

Seth Godin talks about doing things that are remarkable in order to create authority and get people to notice you.

Authority Rules expands the boundaries of remarkable. By a long way.

It’s absolutely free to download – no need for an opt-in, no need to sign up for anything, no commitments of any kind. As free as free can possibly be.

Authority on-line equals trust, and trust equals sales.  Authority Rules describes 10 rules for creating authority on-line.

On their own these rules, and the explanations that go with them, are pure gold.

But each rule has 3 or 4 links to extra information – all free of charge.

I’ve long been a fan of Brian’s, and frequently recommend CopyBlogger, his primary site, as the best source of copywriting education online.

The information in Authority Rules, and the links from it, is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


Grab it here.

What do you think?