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Banned for Life

You’ve been banned for life by Google. No recourse, no further discussion.

That was the opening message in an advertising pitch I saw recently for a book on Google Adwords.

And it annoyed the hell out of me.

It’s the kind of advertising that gives Internet Marketers a bad reputation, and yet it obviously works or people wouldn’t continue to use it.

But let’s look at reality.

Can Google ban you for life? You personally?

No. How could they enforce it?

They could terminate your Adwords account, but you could change ISP’s (to get a new IP address), change your hosting provider (another new IP address), get a new PC (to remove any tracks), open another account in a different name, with a different credit card, and you’re back in business.

You could even get a proxy if you wanted to.

And, at the end of the day, Google wants your money.

The way they deal with someone who doesn’t play by their rules is to give your campaigns such a low quality score that you’re paying 10’s of dollars a click.

The simple fact is Google can’t ban you for life because they could never enforce it.

And, even if they get all shirty and de-index your site, you can still go through the tons of information that’s available in Google Webmaster’s Tools to learn what they like.

Then you can fix up your site and ask for it to be re-indexed. As long as it meets the guidelines, you’ll be back in business.

So when you see advertising that’s based on scaremongering stop and think things through logically. And if you’re new to the game ask someone who’s been around for a bit.

I can almost guarantee that the claims being made will be wildly exaggerated.

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