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Hey there,

My business is based online, which means that I have to be producing new content on a regular basis.

This weekly email you’re reading is one example, but I have two other websites that I’m running, both of which constantly need new content.

And yes – there have been plenty of times when I’ve had deadlines looming over me, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about.

My mind was a complete blank, and the more I worried, the emptier it became.

But I recently developed a system that is working for me, at least so far: I break down the development of each piece of content into steps that take place over a number of days.

This takes the pressure off by breaking the process into bite-sized pieces. It also allows the subject to percolate in my mind, and results in better articles.

On the question of producing new content, one of the links I’ve given below goes to a detailed article by author Naomi Dunford. It describes the process she uses.

If you need to produce content, especially if it’s on a regular basis, she has some great tips for making it easier.

This week’s articles

I’ve also linked this week to articles on making sure your home office is kid- and pet-proof, how choosing the right name for a business made a $1 billion difference, and why you should not be using the same password on different accounts.

3 ways to make writing your book easier

Yes, OK, this article is about writing a book. But these tips from Naomi Dunford apply equally well to writing any kind of content.

And for those of us who are promoting our businesses online, it’s important to be able to write good stuff efficiently.

The point that struck home for me is to avoid trying to force yourself into conforming to the pigeon-hole advice that’s everywhere (write first thing in the morning, set aside a big chunk of time each day, and so on).

Understand yourself, and what works best for you and, if necessary, use different approaches at different times.

3 ways to make writing your book easier

Make sure your home office is kid- and pet-proof

Whether you have youngsters or pets, there are a host of potential dangers in your home office that could cause them serious injuries.

One that made me wince in this article is the damage a shredder can do to kids or pets – it’s horrifying!

Patricia Schaefer lists things that can cause injuries, and what to do about them:

Kid- and pet-proof your home office

5 Keys to choosing the best name for your business

Back here I linked to an article on naming your business. Last week I found another article that addresses the same question.

It’s more difficult than you might think, and it could make a $1 Billion difference to the success of your business – as Minda Zetlin illustrates in this article:

5 keys to naming your business

Re-using passwords – the passport to identity-theft

I may be paranoid, but I am constantly amazed by the number of people I work with who use the same password on different accounts.

Given that at least half of the accounts I have force me to use my email address as the username, if I then used the same password on those accounts I’d be done for if one of them was hacked.

The hackers would have my full login details for every account on which I’ve used my email address and the same password.

This article, on my Security Basics website, digs a bit deeper into the dangers of using the same password on different accounts, and offers a solution that will keep you a lot more secure:

Why you should not re-use passwords

Fun flashback

ABBA, hugely successful the 70s and early 80s, had an instantly recognisable sound. You didn’t need an introduction to tell you it was an ABBA song, when you heard a new one for the first time.

Except for this one.

‘The Day Before You Came’ is a ballad with, except for the instrumental breaks, much lighter production than their usual songs had. It was the last song they recorded for 35 years:

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