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Can a Blog Replace a Resume? It Can and Should

Job hunting in a recession…

I saw an interesting question today: can a blog replace a resume?

My answer was ‘Yes’.  If not a blog then a managed web presence not only can, but should replace a resume (especially if you’re environmentally conscious).

There’s a truly spectacular array of sites where anyone can set up a profile and create a professional online presence.

There are sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo (aimed at corporate professionals), Facebook (aimed at just about everyone), Perfect Networker, Apsense and StartUpBiz (aimed at small businesses), and a gazillion others.

Add to that the ease with which complete newcomers can set up professional looking websites through blogger.com or WordPress.com, and there’s really no reason not to create a professional web presence.

And consider this: whether you’re a programmer, or a tax accountant, or a network engineer, if you write and maintain a blog focused on your skill or niche, there’s no better way of showcasing your value to potential employers.

It will give them a far greater insight to you and your skills than a simple resume will.

As the recession deepens (a meaningful recovery before 2010 now seems highly unlikely), and job layoffs increase, I would urge anyone to get themselves a professional web presence.

It will greatly assist your job hunting activities, should you find yourself in that position.

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