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The Dip – and How to Deal With It

Transcript of my newsletter from 22nd February Hey there, Whether you’re starting your first side-hustle, or leaping straight into your first full-on business, you are going to experience ‘The Dip’. This is what happens a month or two in, when the initial enthusiasm wears off and you’re faced with the fact that things aren’t going… Read more

Pricing Your Services as a New Business and a Cautionary Tale

Transcript of my newsletter from 15th February Hey there, Once I knew what my one-person business was going to be, one of the things I really struggled with was knowing how to price my services. I was talking to some friends on a Zoom call earlier today and we touched upon ‘Imposter syndrome’ – that… Read more

You Have Skills You Could Turn into a Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 8th February Hey there, It doesn’t matter what your corporate job is, I’m prepared to bet that you have skills you could turn into your own business. You probably take them for granted, so you overlook them, but they’re there. You know MS Office? Great, you can offer your services… Read more

Options for Your Plan B

Transcript of my newsletter from 1st February Hey there, When I was out of work and struggling to find a job (20 years ago), I remember looking at my computer and thinking ‘there must be a way I can use that to earn a crust’ I just couldn’t think of one. Today there are so… Read more

The One Question that Will Improve Your Success Rate

Transcript of my newsletter from 25th January Hey there, Q. If there was one question you should ask yourself to improve your chances of success, what would it be? A. ‘Why?’ When I was running management training courses, I used to run problem solving exercises where the only question that could be asked was ‘Why’… Read more

Use the Paradox Mindset to Find Your Side Hustle

Transcript of my newsletter from 18th January Hey there, ‘Think outside the box’ is one of those typically corporate expressions that are intended to make people appear smarter than they really are. To some people, ‘thinking outside the box’ comes easily. To others, not so much, because we look at problems through the limitations of… Read more

How to Establish Your Independence of Employers

Transcript of my newsletter from 11th January Hey there, I have a few friends who are in the airline industry here. It’s a disaster area at the moment, with one airline closed and the other having retrenched 8,500 staff. My friends are nervous about their jobs. I’ve had conversations with some of them about creating… Read more

How to Find a Starving Crowd

Transcript of my newsletter from 4th January Hey there, “..Find a starving crowd, find out what they want to eat, and feed it to them..” That’s all market-research is (despite the sophisticated jargon that gets bandied around). It’s also the simplest way I can think of to describe the best way to start and grow… Read more

Possibilities for 2021 – Ways to Start a New Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 28th December Hey there, “Do you ever look at the ads on the right side of the search pages?” my friend asked. “No, why should I?” I replied “Because you can make money there” That’s the conversation I had, some time in 2003, that kicked off my online career. I’ve… Read more

What Do You Need in Order to Set Up Your Own Website?

I believe in being open and transparentPlease assume any links on this page are affiliate links. An affiliate link means I will get a small commission if you decide to buy the product by clicking a link on this page. This helps to offset the cost of running this website, but it will not affect… Read more