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Bootstrapping Your Business

Text of my newsletter from 10th May Hey there, How was your start-up funded? Or, if you’re just thinking about starting, what funding options are you looking at? I never borrowed a penny to get my business going. It’s called bootstrapping (although I wasn’t even aware of that term when I started out!). The idea… Read more

Beating Writer’s Block

Text of my newsletter sent on 3rd May. Hey there, My business is based online, which means that I have to be producing new content on a regular basis. This weekly email you’re reading is one example, but I have two other websites that I’m running, both of which constantly need new content. And yes… Read more

Trust – the Secret to Building a Business Online

Transcript of my newsletter from 26th April. Hey there, When I started working online, back in 2003, optimising your online presence was all about doing clever things with keywords, and structuring your web pages, in such a way as to convince the search engines that whatever you had just published was the epitome of wisdom… Read more

My computer was nearly hacked – you can’t be too careful

Transcript of my newsletter from 19th April. Hey there, I narrowly escaped having my computer hacked recently. Given that I depend on it for my living, I’ve always been very careful of the risk of getting malware on my computer – it would cripple my business. But I had ordered something online that was late… Read more

How I Started my Online Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 12th April. Hey there, I was chatting with a friend over a couple of beers one day, back in 2003, when he asked me this: “Do you ever look at the ads beside the search results?” (In those days the paid ads were on the right side of the search… Read more

Growing in Both Sophistication and Volume: Cybercrime

Transcript of my newsletter from 5th April Hey there, Probably the fastest real growth industry today is hacking. Despite the increasing focus on privacy online, there’s still a big difference in the way people treat security off line from the way they treat it online. A lot of money is quite rightly spent on installing… Read more

The Secret Sauce that Will Save Your Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 29th March Hey there, Q. What’s the secret sauce that will save your business? A. MRR It saved my business in the pandemic. When I started out, I was working on a project-by-project basis. A project, by its nature, has an end date, and when that end date came, I… Read more

The Emotional Impact of Starting a Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 22nd March Hey there, I lost a relationship because of the way I approached both the idea of starting out on my own, and the way I initially did it. When I fix on a project or idea, I tend to dive all in, and that was no exception. But… Read more

My Personality Almost Killed My Business

Transcript of my newsletter from 15th March Hey there, Not being able to compensate for an important characteristic almost killed my business when I started out. I’m not a naturally outgoing individual – I prefer to listen rather than talk. And I hate to commit to something if I’m not sure how to deliver it… Read more

Social Media: Handle with Care

Transcript of my newsletter from 8th March Hey there For a long time, social media has been free-wheeling (some would say ‘a complete zoo’) because you could say anything and get away with it. But that’s changing. There’s no doubt that some businesses make huge sums of money from social media marketing – I’ve linked… Read more