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Is It Too Late to Start Your Business?

Text of my newsletter from 26th July Not everyone wants to start their own business in order to become a millionaire – I didn’t, for one. I was 52 and looking for a lifestyle change. But I found that the change from being a corporate employee to running my one-person business was different, in one… Read more

Social Media – Pick Your Battles

Text of my newsletter from 19th July. Whenever I’ve talked about social media marketing, I’ve said that you should pick your battles (or, rather, your social platform!) and stick with it. Each social media platform has its own characteristics, and mastering them all, along with the changes that they each frequently implement, is impossible. Facebook… Read more

How to Leverage Your Most Precious Resource: Time

Text of my newsletter from 12th July A few weeks ago, I gave you some statistics that showed if you start a business in your 50s you are up to 2.8 times more likely to be successful, than those who start a business in their 20s. Maturity is not a guarantee of success, though. And… Read more

How to Grow Your Revenue: Focus on User Experience

Text of my newsletter from 5th July. In my business, I frequently meet customers who want their websites to include sliding images, dancing icons, ads top, bottom and middle, fancy cursive fonts, and so on. Here’s the problem: they are looking at their design from their own (ego driven) perspective. In psychology study after psychology… Read more

Business Partnerships: a Loss of Control or Double the Fun?

Text of my newsletter from 28th June. Back in January this year I did something for the first time: I joined with a business partner to start a new project. For the 12 years that I’ve run my own business, I had worked strictly on my own, outsourcing tasks when I needed specialist skills. That… Read more

Grammar Bloopers to Avoid

Text of my newsletter from 21st June. Elementary grammar and spelling errors make you seem unprofessional, even dumb. And they can completely change what you’re trying to say. One that I come across often is the expression “I could care less”, when what they are trying to say is that they don’t care at all… Read more

Copywriting Tips, Techniques and Examples

Text of my newsletter from 14th June I climbed the greasy corporate ladder for nearly 30 years before going independent, and I became pretty good at writing in corporate speak. Problem is: that doesn’t work online. It mostly sends people to sleep, which is not great if you want them to buy your products. So… Read more

Over 50s Rule OK!

Text of my newsletter from 7th June. Those of us who are over 50 often face age discrimination in the corporate world. Moving to a new job is more difficult and, when the cost cutting comes, we are often the first people to be looked at. Given that, once we pass 50, we are generally… Read more

How Secure is Your Business?

Transcript of my newsletter from 31st May Two articles appeared in Wired this week that caught my attention – both relate to online security. It’s an important subject, given that we increasingly rely on the Internet for our businesses. If my computer was hacked, or subject to a ransomware attack, I would be in serious… Read more

How to Increase Your Profitability per Customer

Text of my newsletter from 24th May Two months ago, I started a membership site with a business colleague. Well, to be truthful, it didn’t start as a membership site, but we’ve turned it into one. Why? Because the membership site model creates predictability in our income, as members pay their monthly subscriptions. There are… Read more