How to Grow Trust in Your Business

Text of my newsletter from 6th December.

Trust: it takes time to build, and an instant to break.

But here’s the challenge for businesses: the first contact a new customer has with your business is often through your website.

And your website doesn’t have time to build trust. It has about 5 seconds.

When I visit a website that takes more than 5 seconds to load, I’m gone. On to the next search result.

That long page-load time has already stopped me from developing trust in the website and, therefore, the business.

Sound harsh? Maybe, but that’s the reality.

Of course, impatience plays a role too. But let’s say you stick around for that page to load – would you buy anything from that website?

I wouldn’t.

I’d worry that something would go wrong while I was watching that spinning wheel after hitting the ‘Buy now’ button, and I’d lose my money.

It’s like the difference in confidence you’d have between starting a 500-mile road trip in a car with a quietly purring engine, versus one with an engine that stuttered and backfired.

You’re going to worry about whether you’d get there.

And there’s more: your website is just the first of many places where your prospects decide whether they trust your business.

The trust-building process goes through every point at which your prospect interacts with your business: when they first hit your website, send an email, read your content, and finally get to talk to you or your business colleagues.

At any of those points, often called ‘Moments of Truth’, the trust can be broken in an instant.

And your prospect is off to your competitor.

This week’s links

This week’s theme is Trust (as if you hadn’t guessed!) and its importance in building your business.

I’ve linked to 2 articles on things you can do with your website to establish the initial trust, an article on how to present your content in a way that builds trust, and an article on building empathy in your face-to-face interactions with your prospects.

5 ways to build trust in your website

John Rampton takes us through 5 steps you can take on your website that will give visitors the reassurance they need to do business with you, and pay you online:

5 ways to reassure visitors about your website

5 types of social proof your website needs to create trust

Alex Ratynski takes us through 5 types of social proof that should appear on your website. Getting them on there will increase your visitors’ confidence to do business with you, rather than a competitor:

5 types of social proof your website needs

How to make your content more human

“…we trust strangers more than we trust marketers…”

Jodi Harris takes us through 6 examples of successfully building trust with a mass audience, and breaks down what made each of them successful:

How to make your content more human

4 ways to build trust in your prospects

Tony Zambito looks at how to build trust with your prospects through humility and empathy, and offers 4 ways to do it:

4 Ways to build empathy and humility

Fun flashback

The 29th November marked the 20th anniversary of George Harrison’s death, after a battle with cancer.

Not as prolific a song writer as Lennon and McCartney, his songs ‘Something’ and ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ were, never-the-less, absolute Beatles classics.

Here he is with his first solo number 1, from his ‘All Things Must Past’ album, ‘My Sweet Lord’:

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