Opportunities All Around, If You Just Look

Lots of moneyA while ago I wrote an article in which I said that you almost certainly know more than you think you do about working online.

And that once you realise that, you’ll suddenly find a whole bunch of business opportunities opening up. I described one in the article.

So this week I saw another example of just how many opportunities there are out there.

I found a website that belongs to the industry leader in its sector here in Hong Kong. A household name company.

No names, not even any hints, to protect the innocent and prevent me from getting sued.

However, this website (which looks great to the viewer, by the way) was constructed entirely of images (without any alt tags) and JavaScript. The only actual text was the copyright notice at the bottom.

So the search engines wouldn’t have the first clue what it was about. (Meaning no natural search traffic. None)

The reason I mention this is because we who are concerned about SEO, site coding and site structure tend to hang around others who care about the same things.

Because everyone in our little online world cares about these things we think that everyone generally cares about them.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is there are thousands of sites out there that are so un-optimised for the search engines the only traffic they’ll be getting is traffic they pay for.

Not all of them will care, of course. But those that do represent a huge business opportunity for anyone who knows even the basics about SEO and site structure.

So do yourself a favour: look at the source code of sites outside the circle of sites you normally visit. Look at sites in different industries (not related to online work) and sites that are not built on platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

I think you’ll find that a huge proportion of them are poorly coded. And that should make you realise that you know a lot more than a lot of people about building and optimising websites.

Then use that knowledge to create yourself a new stream of income. If you want to, of course.


Martin Malden

About the author: Martin has been working online since 2006 and focuses on two areas: 1) affiliate marketing and 2) designing and building websites based on WordPress. He has his own WordPress agency, and serves clients in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK.

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