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Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money online.

It is low-cost to start and does not involve the hassles of stock control, product deliveries or after sales service.

Those are all handled by the product owners.

You just promote products that you like or use, and get a commission whenever someone buys as a result of your referral.

The articles listed below go into detail of how affiliate marketing works and how to get started.

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Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium – How do I Choose?

I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year now, and I’m often asked which plan offers the best value – the Starter (free) Plan or the Premium Plan. The answer actually depends on a number of things:Your current level of Internet Marketing knowledge and experienceThe amount of money you have available to invest… Read more

Why You Should Combine Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing Here’s what I cover in this post: What is dropshipping? What is affiliate marketing? The similarities between dropshipping and affiliate marketing Combining dropshipping and affiliate marketing I was searching online this week for the differences between dropshipping and affiliate marketing, really just to see how other people were defining them. But… Read more

Affiliate Marketing: What it is, How to get Started, How to Find the Best Programs and How to Succeed

Retired and looking for a part time income? Part of the ‘great resignation’? Want to build a side hustle? Affiliate marketing could be the answer you’re looking for. It is low cost and quick to set up, and one of the best ways to establish your own online business. In this article I go through:A… Read more

Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners with Wealthy Affiliate

This is a review of the affiliate marketing training program from Wealthy Affiliate. If you found your way here but you’re still not sure what affiliate marketing involves, I’ve described it here. 60-second summary: I’ve covered all these points in detail in the full review, which you can read below. This is a 60-second summary… Read more

How to Easily Update Affiliate Links When they Change Using 301 Redirects

Here’s a problem I’ve faced a few times in the past: the owners of products I am promoting as an affiliate have changed their affiliate management system. This always resulted in them issuing new affiliate links, which was a real pain in the butt. If you’re doing affiliate marketing you have, no doubt, placed your… Read more