Bear with me while I set the background… A little over a year ago I wrote an article setting out how to install and manage widgets on WordPress. Two weeks later, WordPress released version 2.8 which completely invalidated my article because they changed the way widgets were managed. So I wrote an article on widgets… Read more

Because of the way they work, blogs are ideally suited for news type sites, where yesterday’s news is old hat and no longer interesting. But if you’re operating an information site, then a blog, while it has many, many advantages, also has a major disadvantage: It’s not long before your older posts are buried deep… Read more

… use an auto-blogging application of some kind. For people new to working online there’s a tremendous attraction in the idea of automated blogging. Everyone wants quick results, with as little effort as possible. It’s human nature. And for people new to working online, the idea of an automated business, earning money on auto-pilot, is… Read more

Interesting question from Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger today: What’s wrong with blogging? The interesting part was that although he invited responses, he stipulated that none of them should be positive. They all had to point out deficiencies in the medium of blogging. And when you’re asked to point out the deficiencies of something you’re… Read more

I have a confession: because I’m building a new travel site I’ve not had time to research, plan and write my usual article for today. So I’ve pulled together the top 5 blogs I follow on a daily basis. These are the places to which I turn for inspiration and guidance. Some of them I’ve… Read more

What do you really want for your blog? If I’m to believe Johnny B Truant’s message it isn’t your first answer. And I do believe him because, honestly, the answer I’ve given myself for a long time is not the real answer either. I’ve spent months (years, actually) focused solely on building up traffic for… Read more

A couple of years ago RSS was THE big thing. If you didn’t have RSS available on your site you were doomed to Internet Marketing failure. I had multiple ways and places people could sign up to my RSS feed, and I used various encouragements to get them to do so. Today I have only… Read more

When I look back at the early articles I wrote on my first blog I swing between cringing with embarrassment and smiling to myself. I had no idea how to write for the web. I wrote for the Corporate world. I’d been in it for more than 20 years and I was great at creating… Read more

Another question I saw recently: how do I build incoming links to my site? So why are incoming links important? Because they are the search engines’ way of assessing how good your site is. And if they think your site is good they’ll send you lots of visitors. The logic goes that if lots of… Read more

I’ve read a lot of posts on overcoming writer’s block (or blogger’s block) recently so I thought I’d add one of my own. If you’re blogging to a schedule (you should be, if you’re treating your blog as a business) the time for your next article will often come around when you’re feeling uninspired. You’re… Read more