Tips and Techniques on Internet Marketing

This series of articles is all about Internet Marketing, or Online Marketing – the process of marketing your website online and attracting targeted visitors to it.

I produced an online marketing blue print which is available on my WordPress services site – you can download it here.

On this site there are articles on Social Marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing and other tips and techniques on how to market successfully online.

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How to Get Website Visitors Without Relying on Google

Text of my newsletter from 4th October Last week I looked at getting visitors to your website from the search engines, focusing on Google. As I showed, it’s becoming more difficult. So this week I’ve covered four alternatives. None of these will deliver an instant rush of visitors, but they can all build your stream… Read more

Getting Website Visitors from Google is Becoming Harder

Every time we talk about setting up a website for your business, the question of how to get visitors to it comes up. There are lots of ways to get visitors, but the two basic ones are through social media marketing and Google (or Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc). I’ve talked plenty about social media marketing… Read more

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Should I Use It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google project that is designed to make web pages load more quickly for visitors on mobile devices. Sounds like a good idea, right? Fast loading pages (especially on mobile) is definitely a good idea! But do you have to use AMP to create them? No. (More on that later)… Read more

How to Remove Automated Ads Extensions from Google Ads

If you’re not careful you can burn through money very quickly with a Google Ads campaign. Here’s one way I was losing money and how I corrected it. Google Ads automated ads extensions I was looking at my site statistics recently and was irritated to see that Google Ads paid clicks were going to a… Read more

How to Create a Multi-Lingual Website with WordPress

I wrote about how to create a dual language static HTML website earlier. This time I’ll go through the process if you’re building your site on WordPress. Multi-Lingual Websites on WordPress With WordPress you have 3 options for creating a dual- or multi-language website: 1. First option – two languages on the same page The… Read more

How to Create a Dual Language Website

Most websites these days are based on Content Management Systems and, of those, WordPress is by far the most widely used. If you’re using WordPress, there are a number of plugins that handle dual language translations. I’ve described how I translate WordPress websites with the plugin that I use. Read the details here. If you’re… Read more

5 Ways to Blow Your Customers’ Socks Off

I love flying, but I hate travelling by air. The entire process becomes more unpleasant every year. So when I travelled to the UK recently for a 2-week trip, I decided change my journey: instead of taking a direct flight with mediocre service and uncomfortable seats, I decided to break the flight into two legs… Read more

How to Define and Strengthen Your Brand Online

I was asked last week to write something on branding, and I remembered a branding article I wrote back in 2007. A lot of what I said in that article still holds true, but this article contains the benefit of some more years of online experience! What is branding? Branding is about creating awareness of… Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Audience

The original title of this post refers to ‘links’, but the methods I’ve discussed below are more about increasing your audience. A targetted audience is what you really need. Links from all the places I’ve covered below are now ‘nofollow’, which removes the link-value they would once have provided. So think in terms of audience… Read more

Google Ads: How to Keep Your Cost Down

I was helping a client with a Google Ads campaign recently because they had run up a huge bill in just a couple of days with virtually no new business to show for it. As I said to them: the most important thing to remember with Google Ads is that Google is the fox looking… Read more