Interesting meeting with a customer today. They’re an existing business with offices in a number of countries and a website that’s supposed to be a business development channel. Except it’s not developing business. In this case one of the primary reasons is because the business itself hasn’t defined how it wants to be organised and… Read more

That’s not the Stig on the left, it’s me in my Karting suit. And there’s a lesson behind that. If you’re the lucky recipient of my weekly newsletter you’ll know that I’ve been a lifelong motor-racing fan. Apart from avidly following Formula 1, I drove racing Go Karts for a while until I broke my… Read more

An interesting conversation with a potential customer yesterday got me thinking about the perception of success. People working online mostly judge success by the size of various numbers: the number of RSS subscribers, the number of daily/monthly visitors, the number of newsletter opt-ins, and so on. For example, many in the F & B industry… Read more

One of my clients (a corporate) recently hatched a plan to shift their main web presence to Facebook. Not smart, I suggested – here’s why: I’ve had a Facebook page for a while as part of my Social Media efforts and the number of Likes, Views and Interactions has grown steadily. But about a week… Read more

We all like to think that because we’re marketers we’re the trailblazers at being easy to do business with. After all, we’re fixated on customer experience. We’re all about making it easy (a no-brainer even) for the customer to say ‘yes’ to our pitch. But are we really that good? Two recent examples of not… Read more

Renewing an existing subscription should be the simplest possible of online transactions, so it’s amazing how consistently AVG manage to screw this up. I have two PC’s, both currently running AVG Internet Security. I moved to AVG from McAfee because it doesn’t slow down the PC performance as much. But two things where McAfee was… Read more

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a nice new contract, setting up and maintaining websites for a group of 6 restaurant/bars here in Hong Kong. As a result I’ve had a frantic week and I haven’t had time to research and produce my normal second article. So, instead, I’ve spent some time looking back… Read more

If you dropped into this site around a year ago you’ll have read that I was a big fan of Twitter for attracting readers. But over the past year my love for Twitter has withered. Why? Firstly: The search function no is longer as effective as it was. I used to search for people asking… Read more

I have an interesting problem that I’ve wrestled with for a while: 99% of my search engine traffic on this site comes from Google. While I’m delighted that Google sends me a lot of traffic, there are two problems: I’m missing out on the 40% or so of web search traffic that Yahoo accounts for… Read more

I’ve seen a lot of talk in blogging forums lately about developing your blogging voice. But developing your voice shouldn’t be restricted to blogging. It applies to all your online activities, and it’s a powerful part of the way you brand yourself in the crowded world of marketing online. Your voice is the style in… Read more

Are bumps in the road you send your customers down costing you sales? A while ago I wrote a review of the website I used to book my vacation – see it here. My message was ‘Simple Sites Sell’, and I described the experience: A simple, stable, reliable site that led visitors, step-by-step, through the… Read more

I just returned from a week in Boracay (Philippines) which I booked entirely online. And the entire experience was superb – a perfect example of simple but effective web design, and flawlessly executed delivery. If you ever feel the need to visit Boracay (and I do recommend it) then you should take a look at… Read more

A friend of mine talked to me the other day about getting more traffic to his site: how to do it quickly and for free. Unfortunately, quick traffic doesn’t generally come free – you need to pay for that, usually via PPC. But here are 4 ways you can build up a healthy level of… Read more

When you walk into a department store for the first time I’m willing to bet you immediately look for signs telling you where everything is. If you see them you’ll go deeper into the store to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, you’ll either ask someone or turn round and leave. It’s no… Read more

I just spent 3 days workshopping with one of my clients and the eCommerce consulting director of a major eCommerce platform supplier. And it was probably the most valuable 3 days I’ve spent this year. About 2 months ago my client launched an eCommerce site. And to say the results to date have been underwhelming… Read more

As an affiliate Marketer I’ve faced two problems in the past, both of which are easily fixed by using 301 permanent redirects. To clarify: a 301 permanent redirect is basically call-forwarding for your web pages or links. Setting a permanent (rather than a temporary) re-direct is better for SEO and also prompts browsers to change… Read more

Time for another update on my content marketing experiment. (Here’s the last update). Remember what the experiment’s about: I set up a travel website on 1st February, for the purpose of earning affiliate income through promoting tours to Asia. It’s built with WordPress and configured to look like a static website. The objective is to… Read more

In the forums I visit regularly I constantly see people asking how to get more Twitter followers, or the best way to get more Facebook friends. Inevitably they’re looking for a system that will rack up hundreds (if not thousands) of new friends or followers in the blink of an eye. For no effort. Those… Read more

There seems to have been some noise recently about balancing Social Media Marketing techniques with traditional Internet Marketing. And just as well. For a while people who were traditional Internet Marketers, writing long sales letters that were full of hype and yellow highlighting, didn’t get blogging, Twitter and the rest. Thought it was all pretty… Read more

One of the problems with a blog is that the older an article becomes, the deeper it gets buried in the archives. And that’s a shame because it means that some very good articles are often never seen by newer readers. So I figured I’d do a ‘best of’ series. Once a month or so… Read more

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my content marketing experiment and, although it’s extremely early days yet, I thought a quick update would be good. Remember, the experiment was to see whether I could start earning affiliate commissions off a travel site on which I did no paid promotions of any kind… Read more

Last week I mentioned that I’d been building a new travel site. It’s up now, and it’s an experiment with Content Marketing. So here’s my thought process behind the site and the way I’ve set it up. Going forward, I’ll update you on the progress of the site as it grows and (hopefully!) starts to… Read more

A statement of the obvious? Not necessarily. When I first started researching the idea of working online I found a gazillion sites offering me ‘foolproof’ systems that would ‘guarantee’ to have me earning thousands a week by this time next month. And none of them involved a product. Many (if not most) of the MLM… Read more

A couple of incidents recently reminded me of two important principles when it comes to launching websites: Firstly: KISS Secondly: GIOT KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple GIOT stands for Get It Out There. Despite my best efforts, the project I’m currently leading here in HK is in danger of failing because of… Read more

You’ve been banned for life by Google. No recourse, no further discussion. That was the opening message in an advertising pitch I saw recently for a book on Google Adwords. And it annoyed the hell out of me. It’s the kind of advertising that gives Internet Marketers a bad reputation, and yet it obviously works… Read more

10 years ago ‘build it and they’ll come’ worked on-line. Today it doesn’t. Today there are so many web pages out there that any site that hopes to receive visitors has to be positioned well and promoted cleverly. And the bar is getting higher all the time. Someone with next to zero technical skills can… Read more

A question I saw in a forum today: How do I get started in Internet and Affiliate Marketing? The person asking the question had read tons of guru books and tried a whole lot of different things, but nothing had worked for him. Here’s the answer I offered: Boy, do I sympathise with what you’re… Read more

Brian Clark recently released the Authority Rules report. If you haven’t read it you must – it contains enormous value. But, even more interesting, he recently published a post on CopyBlogger that explained his strategy behind Authority Rules. Rarely have I seen a better example and lesson in how to market on-line – both the… Read more

The question of whether or not to disclose your affiliate links came up in an article I read on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog today. It often generates discussion, and the FTC recently got into the act by saying it thought that on-line advertisers should adhere to the same standards as off line advertisers. It will… Read more