Tips and Techniques on Internet Marketing

Make the Business Decisions Before Your Website Can be Effective

A website cannot make up for poor structure and lack of decision-making in a business. The business decisions must come first. Without them you’re wasting your money on a website. Here’s an example: Interesting meeting with a customer some time ago. They’re an existing business with offices in a number of countries and a website… Read more

Why a Serious Business Should Not Make Facebook its Main Web Presence

One of my clients (a corporate) recently hatched a plan to shift their main web presence to Facebook. Not smart, I suggested – here’s why: You’re basically renting. You don’t control your content and you can only add content that Facebook approves of. More than that, you’re building out content on Zuckerberg’s site, which benefits… Read more

Branding: How to Create Your Unique Difference

I’ve seen a lot of talk in blogging forums lately about developing your blogging voice. But developing your voice shouldn’t be restricted to blogging. It applies to all your online activities, and it’s a powerful part of the way you brand yourself in the crowded world of marketing online. Your voice is the style in… Read more

Simple Sites Sell Well

If you want your online shop to do well, make sure it’s clean, clear, simple, fast-loading and designed for visitors on hand-held devices. Social media has changed the way we use the Internet. Today, we browse the Internet on hand-held devices and we live on our social media accounts. Why? Because our social media accounts… Read more

Tell Your Visitors Where to Go

When you walk into a department store for the first time I’m willing to bet you immediately look for signs telling you where everything is. If you see them you’ll go deeper into the store to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, you’ll either ask someone or turn round and leave. It’s no… Read more

If You Want to Make Money Online Sell Something

A statement of the obvious? Not necessarily. When I first started researching the idea of working online I found a gazillion sites offering me ‘foolproof’ systems that would ‘guarantee’ to have me earning thousands a week by this time next month. And none of them involved a product. Many (if not most) of the MLM… Read more

How To Fail At Social Media Marketing

I was at a real-world social networking do last night and saw a perfect example of what not to do. I also saw a perfect example of how it should be done. The interesting thing is that, quite by chance, both these examples came from people in the same industry – they were both head… Read more

Keyword Research: A Quick & Simple Process

How do you find a more targetted keyword on which to base your domain name and articles? Assuming you know what subject you want your blog to cover (weight loss in this example) you should find some high value keywords to target. You want a keyword where there is a high demand but low supply… Read more

How to Apply Traditional Word-of-Mouth Marketing To The Internet

How do you use the Social Media Sites to apply traditional (offline) word-of-mouth marketing to the Internet? That’s a question that arose a couple of days ago.  Here’s the gist of my response: Social Media Marketing is about applying ‘traditional’ word-of-mouth Marketing to the Internet. Social Media Marketing online needs to be combined with the… Read more

How To Find A Profitable Market Niche For Free

Shortly after I first started working online I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate. One of the main players in the forums there was Travis Sago who had a simple rule people should follow if they wanted to succeed online: Find a starving crowd Find out what they want to eat Feed it to them… Read more