This is one of those things that sits under your nose for years before you notice it. I’ve been a reader of Copyblogger almost since I started working online, meaning most of the past 4 years. One of the primary links on the Copyblogger website is Headline Writing, which links to a series of articles… Read more

I was helping a client with Adwords recently because they had run up a huge bill in just a couple of days with virtually no new business to show for it. As I said to them: the most important thing to remember with Adwords is that Google is the fox looking after the hen-house. Google… Read more

My Adwords account was suspended last week, so here’s cautionary tale for anyone new to using Google Adwords. And please note: this is not a whining post. I broke Adwords’ terms and conditions and my account was suspended. Fair cop. The point of this article is to help Adwords newbies realize just how easy it… Read more

During 2010 I found a few sites and tools that brought joy to my online-life. Here’s a run down: Without doubt, my favourite discovery was the shopping cart application, Ecwid. This is a hosted shopping cart application which you can integrate with WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, MySpace and 14 other platforms. Plus your hand-built static HTML… Read more

I’m currently working with a client on the second version of an eCommerce site. The first version had a clean, attractive design, but it suffered from a slow load time and numerous little glitches. And sales have been extremely disappointing. A large part of the reason for the poor performance of the site is the… Read more

My opt-in list has never grown all that quickly. For most of the time I’ve had an opt-in form on my site I’ve been getting up to 6 a day, or thereabouts. No more than that. And my list was not all that responsive either. There are lots of factors that contribute to this, including… Read more

I’ve finally lost patience with Facebook and removed the badges from my sites. I wrote back here about some intermittent problems I started to experience with the Facebook Business Page that I set up for this site. Despite 3 trouble tickets, all of which went unanswered (except for auto-generated responses), not only were those problems… Read more

I have a customer here in Hong Kong who is targeting incoming visitors, most of whom will come from the US, Europe or Australia. So when he asked me to take over the management and maintenance of his site it presented a good opportunity to review his objectives for it. Which is when I learned… Read more

A question I saw on LinkedIn today reminded me of a conversation I had with a client recently about Pay Per Click, and how to get the best out of it. The first point I made to my client was this: PPC is a great supplementary tool but it’s not something to base your business… Read more