Tips and Techniques on Running an Online Home Business

This series of articles looks at the mechanics of setting up and operating a business online.

I produced an online marketing blue print which brings together the mechanics of setting up and promoting a business website, It’s available on my WordPress services website but you can download it here.

You will, of course, need to consider book-keeping, accountancy, tax and other things like that. But I don’t cover those here, because those things vary from market to market. And, anyway, I’m not an accountant!

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What Do You Need in Order to Set Up Your Own Website?

I believe in being open and transparentPlease assume any links on this page are affiliate links. An affiliate link means I will get a small commission if you decide to buy the product by clicking a link on this page. This helps to offset the cost of running this website, but it will not affect… Read more

The Crash is Coming – are You Ready?

Updated – 15th August, 2019 I originally wrote this article at the end of November, 2018. Since then the stock markets in the US and Europe have been volatile but, over the past 10 days, the trend has been very firmly down. There are a number of factors:The level of debt that I described back… Read more

You’re an Avon Lady Promoting an Unverified Product

That statement in the title is a quote from someone I had been connected with on LinkedIn when he realised I was working with Trivita. Since I’ve been an Independent Trivita Business Owner I’ve occasionally been surprised at the reaction I’ve got from people when they’ve found out. They’ve ranged from me being told I’m… Read more

How to Secure the Survival of Your Small Business Through Good Invoicing

If your customers aren’t paying you on time they’re costing you money. Worse, they may never pay you at all. Yet protecting yourself against slow or non-paying customers is not difficult – it just requires that you put a simple, logical process in place. Here’s the process I use: 1. Lay down the ground rules… Read more

8 Ways to Make Working at Home Productive and Enjoyable

Update: 4th October, 2020: With large numbers of people working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, I reviewed this article that I wrote back in 2012. It’s as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. Original article starts here: If you’re one of the millions who travel 2 hours to… Read more

Why this is Absolutely the Best Time to Start a Small Business

Update, 2nd October 2020: This was originally written in 2011 but the message is as relevant in today’s pandemic-driven recession as it was then. Thousands of people have lost jobs and income and, for many in the over 50s age group, the chances of restoring them are small. Original article starts here: The economy has… Read more

People Thought I was Crazy – But I Have my Vision

Update, 2nd October 2020: This was originally written in 2011, but the message is as relevant today as it was then. Especially so, because so many people are dealing with loss of jobs and income as a result of the pandemic. Original article starts here: I’ve been self employed for 18 months now and I… Read more

What it Takes to Achieve Your Goals

When I first got into working online I struggled. A lot. But being up against it forces you to review your values, your priorities and what it is you’re really trying to achieve in life. I’m glad, now, that I struggled but I’m much more glad that I didn’t join the 95% of people who… Read more

What Happens When You Open an Email Containing Malware

It’s a shame that people like this can’t channel their skills into something worthwhile, instead of screwing up other people’s PC’s. A friend called me on Saturday morning because his PC had caught a Virus. Could I help him sort it out, he wanted to know. The steps we went through We met up just… Read more

How Can I Earn a Passive Income Online?

You can’t. It’s that simple. The concept of earning a passive income online is one that’s mostly peddled by people trying to get you to buy their Internet Marketing book or join their Internet Marketing related membership site! If you haven’t worked online, or in Marketing, before you’re going to have to learn some new… Read more