Tips and Techniques on Running an Online Home Business

How to Embed a Google Map in a Web Page

If you’re running a travel or locally focused website, making use of Google Maps is a great way to highlight areas of interest and engage your visitors. In your Google account (under Maps) you can create a map (via the ‘create a new map’ link) and then customize it to include areas you want to… Read more

How to Set Up Gmail as your Email Client

I wrote back here about moving my email to Gmail and how, by setting it up correctly, no one will ever know. You can make it absolutely transparent (so it appears to be coming from your own servers) and it’s easy to set up and link an effective signature. But I didn’t describe how to… Read more

People Thought I was Crazy – But I Have my Vision

I’ve been self employed for 18 months now and I love every minute of the independence it brings me. Recently, I was contacted by a head hunter who was looking for someone to work for China’s ‘most used and largest internet service portal’ (at least, that’s what their website says). When I told a couple… Read more

The Ugly Truth about Achieving Your Goals

When I first got into Internet Marketing I struggled. A lot. But being up against it forces you to review your values, your priorities and what it is you’re really trying to achieve in life. I’m glad, now, that I struggled but I’m much more glad that I didn’t join the 95% of people who… Read more

Firebug: A Must-Have Web Design Tool

Editing the stylesheet of a website or theme designed by someone else can be a seriously frustrating exercise, because finding the correct element to edit is like looking for a needle in a haystack If you’re lucky, the original designer will have used sensible element names and commented their code in detail – which should… Read more

How to Embed Google Calendar

I did a website for a client recently. It’s a sports bar and he wanted a calendar to display details and times of the different sports events he was going to be screening at the bar each weekend. I always try to use commercially (or freely) available solutions for my clients. First of all it’s… Read more

I’ve Moved Everything to GMail – Here’s Why

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my email client for ages – years – and I’ve always been very happy with it. But last weekend a wave of emails containing the JS/Redir virus starting hitting me (and they’re still hitting me now). AVG spotted the virus (which was good) but couldn’t get rid of it (not… Read more

Opportunities All Around, If You Just Look

A while ago I wrote an article in which I said that you almost certainly know more than you think you do about working online. And that once you realise that, you’ll suddenly find a whole bunch of business opportunities opening up. I described one in the article. So this week I saw another example… Read more

The Reality Behind Those Overnight Successes

When I first started working online I used the fact that I was a newbie to comfort myself when I wasn’t making any money. And then I saw others coming in, who were newer than me, making their first $100, or getting their first 10 sales, while I still had nothing to show. And panic… Read more