Seth Godin’s book The Dip has some inspiring lessons for people at all stages in their career or business. Its message is quite simple: all new projects and businesses will hit a dip – that point in time when reality sets in and the excitement of the new project has worn off. Suddenly it all… Read more

Seems like the hackers are after me at the moment: 2 weeks ago my Twitter account was hacked and last week one of my static web sites was hacked. Last week’s hack was particularly embarrassing. I’d sent someone the link to my Web Services site. On the web design page there are some links to… Read more

My Twitter account was hacked yesterday. It started sending out the ‘This You..??’ Direct Message to people I’m following. The DM has a link and, out of curiosity (and with bated breath), I decided to see where it went. I closed everything else down so I could invoke AVG quickly and get rid of nasties… Read more

Another excellent article from Nathan Hangen this week, with which I totally empathized. It continues the theme I referred to here with the point that there’s a ‘freeloading’ mindset today. Along with ‘freeloading’ I would add ‘responsibility avoidance’. And it’s not healthy. I see it reflected in so many ways. It’s the kind of mindset… Read more

It’s such a shame that people like this can’t channel their skills into something worthwhile, instead of screwing up other people’s PC’s. A friend called me on Saturday morning because his PC had caught a Virus. Could I help him sort it out, he wanted to know. We met up just after lunch and I… Read more

Interesting article on Nathan Hangen’s blog this week: There’s More to Life Than Blogging. In it he asks why you blog and suggests you should know the answer before you start. It reminded me of the number of times I’ve seen this question (or something like it) on Twitter: “I just started a new blog… Read more

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I’m continually making resolutions to improve the way I do things, so what’s so different about January 1st? But two articles recently caught my interest and, since it is January, they’ve provoked the closest thing I’ve come to a New Year’s resolution. It’s about being paid for my expertise… Read more

I was helping someone restore their blog the other day. They had tried to add a new domain to their Hostgator account and the result wasn’t pretty. Their existing blog (the primary domain for their Hostgator account) was suddenly not available at all. In any guise. We couldn’t navigate to it as a visitor and… Read more

I introduced some of the online Internet Marketing tools I use in this article, with the promise I’d review more. So here they are. Again, they’re all free to use although some do have some limitations. To get around them you’ll need to either upgrade or pay. The cost is usually insanely cheap, though, and… Read more

In this post I described the primary desktop tools I use in my internet marketing business. This time I’ll take a look at some of the on-line tools I use. All these tools are free to use, although some have limitations – for example the sitemap generator will create free sitemaps for sites with up… Read more