Reviews of Internet Marketing Products, Services and Training Sites

Here’s a series of articles on different products, services or membership sites that I’ve used.

I either currently use, or have used in the past, everything that’s reviewed in this section.

If I no longer use a particular product or service that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It just means that my business needs changed.

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For some years I’ve used and recommended the Login Lockdown plugin. It’s designed to protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks by locking out anyone who makes more than a specified number of unsuccessful log in attempts over a given period of time. However, Login Lockdown hasn’t been updated in nearly 3 years, which… . . . Read more

I’ve struggled with this problem for a long time: how to attract targetted readers to this site and, as a result, make money from it. I’ve read books, joined forums and tried a whole bunch of different things, and nothing really worked. I stumbled along doing the best I could, not really getting the results… . . . Read more

So you want to start making money on the Internet? Then you’d better learn how to sell online. Luckily, a friend of mine has just released an online course that would be well worth a look. Selling Online Basics is aimed at people who are interested in setting up a small online business to make… . . . Read more

Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) has released a new ebook: ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging. I bought it last week, and here are my thoughts: Overall, it’s a clearly laid out roadmap for anyone starting a new blog. It’s also a good checklist for anyone who’s been blogging for a while but whose blog’s… . . . Read more

I’m currently in the middle of a website project for a client who wants a high quality video player to demonstrate their post production work online. Working with my business partner, Siam Communications, we reviewed a considerable number of players and eventually opted for the JW Player, created by LongTail Video. The JW Player has… . . . Read more

A short while ago I reviewed the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress. Careful chappie that I am, I always review the source code of new articles immediately after they’ve been published, to make sure all my on-page SEO stuff looks OK. So I was a bit surprised when I reviewed the source code of… . . . Read more

Despite my commitment to reducing the number of plugins I use on this site, I just added two. But one is a swap out, so my net increase is only one. I’ll write about that one next time. This time I want to talk about the W3 Total Cache plugin. I’ve known about the increase… . . . Read more

Thesis 1.8, released last week, brings some nice new functionality and a missed opportunity. Affiliate alert: I’m an affiliate for Thesis, which means that if you buy it by clicking one of the links on this site I get a bit of beer money. See my disclosure for more details. I discussed Thesis in more… . . . Read more

Update – July 19th, 2012. My original review of EcWid was done in 2010, so I’ve updated it here with the benefit of my experience of working with EcWid since then. Updated review starts here: I needed a shopping cart for WordPress but I couldn’t find anything that was easy to implement, didn’t slow down… . . . Read more

Yes – my getting-rid-of-plugins crusade just got another boost, thanks to the latest version of Thesis. Please note: I give you both the good and the bad in my reviews (including this one), but I’m an affiliate for Thesis and that means I will get some commission if you were to buy Thesis through the… . . . Read more

Quite by accident I discovered a cracking Twitter desktop application yesterday. But you can only use this if you’re on FireFox, because it’s a FireFox Addon. I’ve tried a few different Twitter desktop applications in the past. All have had their good points and all have had drawbacks. As a result, I’ve always ended up… . . . Read more

What do you do if you’re not making any money blogging and you don’t want to go down the cheesy ‘Yellow Highlight Brigade’ Internet Marketing route? If that’s you, you may be a closet Third Triber. And here’s your opportunity to come out. Affiliate Alert..! I’m an affiliate for the Third Tribe, which means that… . . . Read more

Here was I, working away on my removing-plugins-crusade and I’ve blown it. I just added one. Actually, not really added – replaced. But I removed the one I’ve replaced a while ago, so it feels like adding. This blog is now mobile-friendly again, thanks to the Wapple Architect. I’d been using MobilePress to enable people… . . . Read more

I hadn’t paid much attention to the previews of the new features to be introduced with WordPress 2.9. But, having upgraded yesterday, I have to say that I’m left with mixed feelings. I understand that there’s quite a lot that was designed to help plugin and theme developers, but for humble users (you and me)… . . . Read more

I recently upgraded to Thesis 1.6 on three of my sites and installed it from new on a fourth. Here are my thoughts. Firstly, just so you know, I’m an affiliate for Thesis. That means I get a bit of beer money if you end up buying it through my affiliate link (the Thesis links… . . . Read more

Somebody on LinkedIn today asked what the best platform would be for a corporate site with seamless blog functionality. No prizes for guessing what my answer was :) Right out of the box, WordPress offers the perfect solution for a company website that has standard product and service pages, plus the ability to release product… . . . Read more

I’ve been using the Seesmic Twitter desktop application for a couple of weeks now and I like it. Mostly because I can read its screen easily. Its closest competitor is probably TweetDeck, which I reviewed here. Seesmic and TweetDeck have a lot of similarities, but also some important differences. Here are some thoughts on Seesmic.  … . . . Read more

I upgraded to the official release of Thesis 1.5 over the weekend – here are some thoughts. Full disclosure up front: I’m an affiliate for Thesis. The official release of Thesis 1.5 must have been one of the longest drawn out sagas of any recent major product upgrade – there were seven (yes 7!) 1.5… . . . Read more

As a long time user of the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin, I felt like I was cheating on her when I tried out WP-Greet-Box. Worse was to come: I decided to end my relationship with WWSGD and start a new one with WPGB. Here’s why:   I loved WWSGD because of its ability to… . . . Read more

A while ago I wrote a review of Tweet Deck, one of the many Twitter desk top applications that help you manage the enormous flow of information more effectively. I liked Tweet Deck a lot, especially the ability to create groups so you can follow particular people more closely. But one of the things that… . . . Read more

My friend Bob Hartman pointed me in the direction of the Open Hook plugin for Thesis yesterday – and what a discovery it was.  For me, that is – Bob already knew about it.  :) I’ve written elsewhere about the Thesis theme and mentioned that, in order to maximize its powerful capabilities, one of the… . . . Read more

I’ve been a Twitter user for a while now, but I’d always been conscious that I wasn’t getting as much out of it as I should have been. There was simply too much information to manage. So this last weekend I installed TweetDeck as a means of rationalizing and organizing this constant flow of information… . . . Read more

The last Wordpress theme you’ll ever need.  Bit of an extravagant claim, I know, but consider this: The Thesis theme for Wordpress has been designed from the ground up specifically to enable non-techie users to customise and change the look of their site at will. Full Disclosure up front:  I use Thesis and I’m an… . . . Read more

I installed Google Chrome and took it for a trial run today.  I wouldn’t call it a test drive, I need longer for that.  Just a trial run to get a feel for what it’s all about. Here are my impressions: Installation:  Quick and easy, it imports your bookmarks and settings from either IE or… . . . Read more

Important Update – 30th March, 2010: It seems, as of the last couple of days, that Blogger has changed its attitude towards using Blogger blogs to funnel traffic towards affiliate sites.  See this thread in the Warrior Forum, and note the 11th and 13th comments. As a result, I strongly urge you to check the… . . . Read more

When I first got into Internet Marketing I took a course on how to build minisites.  That course introduced me to KompoZer, a free, open source HTML Editor. When I started building my first websites I still didn’t know much about HTML and absolutely nothing about CSS.  But, using KompoZer’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is… . . . Read more