Past Newsletters on Solopreneurship or Starting a Solo Business

Past editions of my weekly newsletter.

Each week I scour the Internet for the best resources on starting and running a solo business – resources and information that I find useful in my solo business.

I then send out an email, every Monday, to other solopreneurs, in which I curate and link to the best resources I found the previous week.

All the articles below are transcripts from those past weekly newsletters.

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Secrets of Successful Mid-Life Entrepreneurs

Transcript of my newsletter from 19th October 2020 Hey there! I hope you had a good weekend! I started my journey towards solopreneurship nearly 20 years ago, when the company I was working for went out of business owing me more than HK$500,000 (US$62,500). At the time I could boast loads of experience in the… Read more

Four Systems that will Reduce Your Stress when Starting Your Solo Business

Transcript from my newsletter from 12th October The Internet and modern technology have made it really easy to start a solopreneur business and reach a wide audience. You don’t need employees to scale your business, but scale it you can, and, at the same time, you can work where and when you want to. This… Read more

Marketing a Solo Business – Paid Channels

Transcript of my newsletter from 5th October: It was a holiday weekend here in Hong Kong: two holidays happened to fall on consecutive days (Thursday and Friday), and gave us a 4-day weekend. Thursday was China’s National Day Holiday, which celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 – making it 71… Read more

Four Ways to Sell Online Without a Website

Transcript of my newsletter from 28th September. This week I want to look at 4 ways you can start selling online without the need for a website and without needing to know or use any code. There are several platforms that enable you to sell online, but today I’m going to stick to ‘the oldies… Read more

Starting an Online Side Hustle

This is the text of my newsletter from 21st September The theme this week is starting a side hustle online. I started my online side hustle nearly 10 years ago and it was not long before it became my main hustle. I never intended to go big enough to have employees, and all that that… Read more

Unretirement: Best Ways for Boomers to start making money online, and why they should

For those of us who are Boomers, or late Generation-Xers, and who have good jobs with good companies, here’s something to keep in mind: The older we become, the more likely that it will be us, rather than our younger colleagues, who will be downsized when the cost-trimming starts. And, of course, getting a new… Read more

How to Start Your Own Online Business – Four Hand-Picked Resources

In 2009 I was leading a US$20 million project when the Global Financial Crisis hit – and the project was canned. I had been thinking about my own business for a while, and suddenly I had the decision made for me! By then, I had been dabbling online for some years – I knew how… Read more