Past Newsletters on Solopreneurship or Starting a Solo Business

Past editions of my weekly newsletter.

Each week I scour the Internet for the best resources on starting and running a solo business – resources and information that I find useful in my solo business.

I then send out an email, every Monday, to other solopreneurs, in which I curate and link to the best resources I found the previous week.

All the articles below are transcripts from those past weekly newsletters.

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What is Your Minimum Viable Audience?

Text of email newsletter sent on 13th September Traditionally, a new business would start by developing a great product and taking it to market. Sounds sensible, right? But there have been countless spectacular (and sometimes hilarious) failures by businesses following that approach: Colgate’s beef Lasagna Google+ Watermelon Oreos The Delorean DMC-12 Those efforts led to… Read more

How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business

Text of my newsletter from 6th September. Podcasting has been around for a while, but it has seen huge growth over the past 18 months. I shied away from it for a number of reasons – I didn’t have the equipment, I didn’t like the sound of my own voice, and so on. Any excuse… Read more

How to Sell More by Saying Less

Text of my newsletter from 30th August. I remember the ‘features and benefits’ mantra being drummed into me at every sales course ever I attended, years ago. As a result, I slavishly attached a benefit to every feature I ever talked about, in anything I ever wrote, in the hope of being able to sell… Read more

How to Start a Side Hustle Quickly

Text of my newsletter from 23rd August. Last week I described how the business I ended up starting was completely different from the one I originally imagined I would start. One of the reasons was because I had been thinking about self-employment for years. But what if you don’t have years? If you find yourself… Read more

How to Find Opportunities in Life

Text from my newsletter of 16th August Like many, I harboured ideas of starting my own business from early in my employment career. My problem was that I did not have any particular skill or passion from which I could see how to make money. I was heavily into equestrian sports in my teens to… Read more

The Cheapest Small Business to Start – Tips and Resources

Text from my newsletter of 9th August Probably the quickest and cheapest way to get into business for yourself is to set up an online business. If you’re still employed, that’s also a great way to start something on the side, which you can grow to the point where you can transition smoothly to it… Read more

Why 50 is the Best Time to Start a Business – and How to Do It

Text from my newsletter dated 2nd August. All the career advice I got when I was young was to find a good job with prospects, in a good company, and build my career. Then I’d be able to retire with a good pension and live happily ever after. Oh, how things have changed! My first… Read more

Is It Too Late to Start Your Business?

Text of my newsletter from 26th July Not everyone wants to start their own business in order to become a millionaire – I didn’t, for one. I was 52 and looking for a lifestyle change. But I found that the change from being a corporate employee to running my one-person business was different, in one… Read more

Social Media – Pick Your Battles

Text of my newsletter from 19th July. Whenever I’ve talked about social media marketing, I’ve said that you should pick your battles (or, rather, your social platform!) and stick with it. Each social media platform has its own characteristics, and mastering them all, along with the changes that they each frequently implement, is impossible. Facebook… Read more

How to Leverage Your Most Precious Resource: Time

Text of my newsletter from 12th July A few weeks ago, I gave you some statistics that showed if you start a business in your 50s you are up to 2.8 times more likely to be successful, than those who start a business in their 20s. Maturity is not a guarantee of success, though. And… Read more