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What Creates 404 Errors What to Do About Them

There was a time when I had zero 404 errors on this site, and very proud of it I was too. But my pride was misplaced. As this site has grown and evolved I’ve taken pages down, I’ve rationalised tags and I’ve changed its configuration. As a result I was returning well over five hundred… Read more

7 Ways to Achieve Better Search Results and More Visitors

If you set up a new website it’s quite likely to appear in the search results and then almost immediately disappear again. Here’s the thing: initially, new sites often do appear quickly in the natural search results. But then they bounce up and down a bit, going from maybe a top 20 position down to… Read more

Why and How to Set Up Internal Linking on Your Website

Good quality internal linking can give your site a good dose of positive SEO. But treat it carefully and do it well! So how should you really set up internal linking? The benefits To set up internal linking correctly you first need to be clear on why you’d want to link to other articles on… Read more

How to Choose Good Keywords and META Tags

Last week I wrote about some key points that came out of a website review I completed recently. One of the things I delivered as part of that review was a set of META tags for each page on the site, so I figured I’d explain how I went about that. A heck of a… Read more

How to Get Search Visitors to a New Website

10 years ago ‘build it and they’ll come’ worked on-line. Today it doesn’t. Today there are so many web pages out there that any site that hopes to receive visitors has to be positioned well and promoted cleverly. And the bar is getting higher all the time. Someone with next to zero technical skills can… Read more

How to SEO a WordPress Blog

How can I SEO my WordPress blog? How can I make it easy to find on-line? Those are questions I see quite often in the forums. The fact is, your WordPress blog is already pretty search engine friendly. But, although SEO is in some respects a lot simpler now that it was 10 years ago… Read more

How to Create a Search Engine Effective Web Page

I’m often amazed when I look at the source code of web pages, because creating a page that’s optimised for the search engines is so straightforward – yet so seldom done. I’ve said repeatedly: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a black art, so don’t let anyone tell you it is. All you need to… Read more

META Tags Are A Waste of Time. Really?

I read a post recently in a forum that argued quite strongly that META tags are a waste of time. The argument was that they don’t serve a useful purpose any more, with the exception of the Title and Description tags. I disagreed quite strongly with that position. Here’s why: META tags are part of… Read more

Backlinks, No Follow and Page Rank

The first thing I’d say is don’t get hung up on Page Rank and all that other SEO-type stuff. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. You need to focus on what your visitors want and give it to them. That’s it. Having said that, the nofollow tag on a site does not have any impact on… Read more

9 Steps to Getting Consistent Website Visitors From the Search Engines

I read a post today from someone who’s experienced the frustration of focusing on the Search Engines for their website traffic. The problem is – the search engines keep changing their algorithms in order to improve the relevance of their results and to block loopholes the black-hatters find. And many big, popular sites (like Target)… Read more