Web Basics – the Basics of Website Construction

This series of articles is focused on giving an understanding of how websites work, explaining some of the jargon you’ll hear and how the Internet works.

It’s for people who are either just starting out with their online business or people who simply want to get a better understanding of how everything works.

Click the headline to read the full article, and if you need me to clarify anything leave a comment – I’ll respond as soon as I can!

How to Choose Web Hosting – Explanations and Things to Look Out For

This is a guest post from Tim Wilson at HostPapa. Web hosting is essential for anyone who wants to build their own website, and there are many providers that offer hosting services. Some provide a quality service – others, not so much. And, unfortunately, some companies blatantly cheat or mislead customers. This being the case… Read more

5 Useful Websites Where you can Learn HTML

This is a guest post by Ashlee McCullen, a staff writer on Apron Addicts. I’m sometimes surprised at the sheer number of people I meet who blog or write for the web and yet don’t know HTML. While you don’t need to know web technologies in-depth to make money online, you’ll find that knowing at… Read more

1 Easy Way to Improve Cross-Browser Compatibility

For those who build websites by hand (rather than on a platform like WordPress or Joomla) one of the hassles is making sure your sites render consistently in different browsers. Internet Explorer is notorious for screwing things up, mostly because in the past they’ve never adhered to the W3C standards. That said, IE8 is better… Read more

Internet Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up two new contracts recently for web design services for small companies in a totally non web-related industry. And, in both cases, the current providers have been giving a poor service. Understandably, their customers (my new customers) are totally unfamiliar with the web and the basics of promoting a… Read more

What is WordPress?

In this post I referred to a question I saw in one of the forums: what is WordPress? Given that I write this blog for people who are new, or relatively new, to working on-line, and it contains over 40 articles on WordPress, I have been remiss in not writing one that describes exactly what… Read more

Variable Width Websites: An Update

A while ago I wrote about converting some of my websites to variable width. My thinking at the time was that, for someone using a wide-screen monitor, the appearance would be better if the content expanded to fill a larger portion of the screen. Having got a couple of them successfully converted I had second… Read more

Do I Need to Learn HTML?

Do I need to learn HTML and SEO?  This was a question I saw in a forum today. For people new to working on-line learning these new skills with strange acronyms can be daunting. In another post I talked about how I tried to start my Internet business without a website because I didn’t want… Read more

What is CSS?

In this post I said that CSS is one of the codes or languages that have been developed to work with HTML, to improve the efficiency with which the fonts and styling of a website are defined. So what is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it’s the way the themeing or styling… Read more

What is FTP?

Before I started building websites FTP was one of those terms that I heard but never understood. In fact, I initially hoped I could run an on-line business without ever needing to build a website just so I didn’t have to deal with things like FTP  :) Well, I found out the hard way I… Read more

How Does a Website Work?

A friend told me the other day that although he read all my articles he didn’t understand any of them.  Not one. Which gave me an idea … Why not set up a new category and write a bunch of articles for people who are absolutely, completely new to the web (and possibly a bit… Read more