Tips and Tricks on Using WordPress

Don’t be Irresponsible: 3 Reasons to Upgrade WordPress (or any application)

Since WordPress 3.3 was released last week I’ve seen an unusually high number of people asking why they should upgrade. The answer is simple, and threefold: To maintain or improve the security of your site To improve the performance of your site To improve the usability of your site Improve site security Hackers target older… Read more

How to Convert an HTML Website to WordPress

I often see questions asking how to convert an HTML website to WordPress and, back here, I covered some of the things you need to think about before doing so. Anyway, I recently converted an old HTML site to WordPress so I figured I’d set out the step-by-step process – so here it is: Overview… Read more

A Core Set of Plugins for any WordPress Website and a Warning

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen threads asking which are the best WordPress plugins. The responses inevitably list lots of them, covering the widest range of functionality you can imagine. One of the benefits of using WordPress is the range of plugins that extend its functionality into pretty much any area… Read more

What to do if Your WordPress Site is Hacked

Websites are being hacked more often every day. Not only do you owe it to yourself to take every precaution you can to keep the hackers out, you owe it to your customers, friends and everyone who visits your sites. It’s your responsibility to the web as a whole, not just protection for yourself. I’ve… Read more

How to Set Up Google Custom Search and Keep Readers on Your Site for Longer

The WordPress search function has never been good. And yet providing a good search function is a great way to keep readers on your site for longer. I wrote back here about why I set up Google Custom Search on this site. It was pretty much a no-brainer really: if you can get the leading… Read more

How to Set Up the W3-Total-Cache Plugin

My Google Analytics keywords report is telling me that one of the more searched for items on this site is ‘how to set up W3-Total-Cache’ – so here goes. Before starting, though, a word of caution: server configurations vary between hosting providers, so your first step should be to ask your hosting provider for their… Read more

How to Fix the W3-Total-Cache CSS Minify Bug

As I mentioned back here the Thesis theme applies a date stamp to CSS files when they’re updated. It does (did) this in order to ensure the latest version of your site is always displaid to visitors. Unfortunately that process confused the life out of the W3-Total-Cache plugin (because it had the effect of creating… Read more

Your Backup Folder Might be Visible to the Public

One of the WordPress plugins I use and really like is WP-DBManager. For some reason, though, when you activate it for the first time you will see a red warning across the top of all your WordPress admin screens that tells you your backup folder might be visible to the public. This can be a… Read more

The Design Limitations of WordPress

I read a post on the Warrior Forum the other day bemoaning what the poster saw as the design limitations of WordPress. While WordPress, which is a Content Management System, does have some functional limitations, it does not have any design limitations. The reason is simple: WordPress itself doesn’t touch the design aspect of the… Read more

Clarifying Duplicate Content on WordPress – Again

The old chestnut that WordPress ‘creates duplicate content issues’ keeps coming up. Someone even wrote it to me in an email recently. Let’s be clear: WordPress does not create duplicate content problems. What WordPress does is allow the same content, on the same site, to be accessed via a number of different URLs (or permalinks)… Read more