A while ago I published a step-by-step process for moving the content (posts, comments and labels) from your Blogger blog to a Wordpress blog. You can find it here. What I didn’t cover in that post, and what I’ve seen a lot of questions on since, is how to ensure you don’t lose your followers… Read more

Important: Which version of WordPress do you want to install plugins in? WordPress versions before 2.8: click here. WordPress version 2.8 or later: click here. Installing and managing plugins in WordPress versions before 2.8 I quite often see questions from people asking how to install new plugins on WordPress. There are now more than 4,000… Read more

I’ve been following the questions that people who are using WordPress have been asking on Twitter. As a result, I’ve put together a complete WordPress Tutorial that is designed for people using self-hosted WordPress (from WordPress.org) on their own domains. It takes them from deciding on a domain name, through finding a hosting provider to… Read more

I saw a question recently asking how to attach a Word or .PDF file to a Wordpress blog post. Here’s the response I offered: There are 3 ways you can do this… Firstly: If you only want the file to be available from 1 post – i.e. the post you are writing: In this case… Read more

Update – 19th July, 2012. This article and the one linked to below are pretty dated now, so you may want to take a look at my most recent article on plugins: Core plugins for any WordPress site. Original article starts here: A while ago I put up a list of recommended Wordpress plugins, that… Read more

I stumbled across a great way to naturally increase high quality back links to my blog yesterday: the Related Websites Plugin from Blog Traffic Exchange. Increasing back links has always been labour intensive, even when using those commenting tools that search out related blogs based on keywords you put in. You still have to check… Read more

I saw a question today asking how to install Google Friend Connect on a WordPress blog. So I figured I’d put together a simple step-by-step guide. For some reason, most of the stuff Google produces is not at all intuitive.  Good, for sure, intuitive, no! So here’s how to install GFC:   Step 1: If you… Read more

Another question that I see quite often is how to move a blog from Blogger (Blogspot) to Wordpress. It’s actually a pretty straightforward process but, as in anything to do with moving data and content around, things can go wrong. So here’s a step-by-step process.   Moving your content from Blogger to Wordpress.com and up-to-date versions… Read more

Update – 4th September, 2012. This article was originally written in March 2009 – an age ago in Internet terms. Since then I’ve come to realise that many themes you find online, i.e. not in the WordPress repository, contain hidden code. Often this code contains links to completely irrelevant sites but it can, of course… Read more

So you’re thinking of moving to Wordpress but you’re not sure how to set it up. It takes a bit of care at the outset, but the time you spend now getting everything into shape will be more than repaid later.  It’ll enable you to focus on your content instead of struggling with your configuration… Read more

Update – 19th July, 2012. This article is pretty dated now, so you may want to take a look at my most recent article on plugins: Core plugins for any WordPress site. Original article starts here: I follow questions about Wordpress on Twitter, and one of the questions that keeps coming up is for recommendations… Read more

I’m often asked which is my favourite Wordpress plugin.  A difficult question to answer since I have 20 plugins on this site and they’re all my favourites! Each of those plugins is there for a specific (but different) reason.  And within each reason, the plugin I’ve activated is my favourite.   So it would be better… Read more

I came across an unusual question this week:  The questioner wanted to know how to assign blog posts to specific pages that would be displaid in the blog menu. Their blog is a cookery blog and they wanted to be able to write a post that would be (for example) an Italian recipe, and allow… Read more

Searching on Wordpress blogs has always been one of their weaker functionalities. I’m not a techie, so I don’t understand the algorithms behind searching, but I do know that whenever I tried out the search feature on my own blogs the results were dismal. Which was probably costing me readers. So I went in search… Read more

I read an interesting article on Wordpress security today on a new site that Jack Humphrey pointed out: WPVote A lot of attention is quite rightly focused on securing your Wordpress installation itself.  But, however secure your WP installation is counts for nothing if you’re leaving other doors open. Common sense precautions It’s worth being… Read more

Important update – 30 June, 2009 This post was originally written when WordPress 2.6 was the current version. We’re now on WordPress 2.8, so I’ve created a video demonstrating how to change themes on WordPress 2.8 – you can find it here. I saw a question in a forum today where someone asked how to… Read more

For those of us who know they should be thanking people for commenting on our blogs but who let this discipline slip because of the sheer logistics of it, I found a great tool today: The Thank Me Later plugin. You can customise it with your own ‘from name’, ‘from email address’ and whatever message… Read more

Note: I re-read this article recently and found it needed updating, so I’ve added the update at the end. Also: please read through the comments – there are specific, step-by-step set up instructions there, more detailed than in the article itself. I got a question from a friend the other day on how to set… Read more

WordPress categories

WordPress categories and tags are important tools that should lead readers to related articles, keeping them on your site for longer. And, used properly, they can be important SEO tools. Here’s what they are and what they do: Categories I use the analogy that WordPress (your website) is like a filing cabinet – it contains… Read more

I’ve seen a lot of questions about Wordpress this week in the forums I visit. So here’s my take: For the vast majority of people working online Wordpress is the best platform I know of for publishing online. There are platforms that are more powerful in certain ways – like Drupal and Joomla – but… Read more