Why Don’t My Comments Get Approved?

I saw an interesting question in a forum this week: Why don’t the comments I leave on blogs get approved?

I can only speak for myself, but here are my thoughts:

I get a lot of comments that are clearly there just for the link, and obviously so.

Like those in the image above!

They don’t add any value to the article at all and, 99.9% of the time, the sites that they link back to are either biz opp sign up pages or shopping cart sites.

Depending on the content of the comment, I either delete it or mark it as spam.

I have zero tolerance for comments that are there just for the link.

Blogs started life as places for like-minded people to connect and have real conversations through the comments. This got overtaken by people, with no connection to the blog and its community, starting to use comments just to get links to their own, unrelated sites.

This was never the original intention.

My site is my place. I have no obligation to approve comments. Any comments.

But any comment that adds to the conversation, and clearly has thought and insight behind it, will be approved.

And, BTW, I don’t have a lot of comments on this blog. Which is absolutely fine by me.

I’d rather have one valuable comment on a post than 10 pointless ones.

Looked at from the other side, I don’t comment on a lot of blogs.

But those that I do comment on are ones where I’ve spent some time and where I’ve developed a feel for the blog and its followers.

I do that before I start making comments.

That enables me to get to know the community a little bit and to get a sense of what’s going on.

It’s no different from joining a new forum – I follow the same approach. I spend some time looking around and getting a sense of the culture of the place before jumping in with comments.

Nothing wrong with using Comment Kahuna and other tools like that to find blogs in your niche. But my suggestion would be that, once you find relevant blogs, you spend some time getting to know the community before making comments.

And, when you do make comments, be sure they add value to the conversation. Add some new information, or a different view point.

Think of a comment as a blog post. On a couple of articles on this site there’s more and better information in the comments than there is in the original article.

So there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn a good quality comment into a blog post.

Do that, and link back to the blog you made the original comment on, and you’re starting to build a relationship with that blogger.

Then your comments will be approved – pretty much every time.

Martin Malden

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