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How to Create a Professional Signature in Gmail

Gmail Screenshot. I wrote back here about why I started using Gmail as my email client (instead of Outlook or Thunderbird) and here about how to set it up.

But I didn’t cover how to set up a professional signature.

If you’re running your own business, having a professional email signature is a necessity. Not only does it give credibility to your emails, it’s a great opportunity to circulate a link to your website and attract visitors.

Setting up a professional signature on Gmail

Step 1:

Go to your Gmail settings. On the first tab (General) scroll down until you reach the Signature section:

Signature section, general tab.

Go to your Gmail settings and scroll down to the Signature section

Step 2:

If you’re managing more than 1 email address from your Gmail account select the one for which you want to create the signature (see the image above).

Type your name, position and contact details, plus any other text you want, into the text box and format them.

You can hyperlink specific text in exactly the same way as in the body of an email, and you can insert a logo image – here are the buttons:

Link and image buttons.

Click the buttons to insert images or links

Step 3:

Scroll to the bottom, click ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done.

That’s all there is to it – but it does add a ton of credibility and professionalism to your emails.


Martin Malden

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