Crowdfunding Your Solo Business Plus Success Tips

Transcript of my newsletter from 30th November

Hey there,

The pandemic has devastated small businesses and, for those that are trying to do the best they can for their employees, it’s been stress on a plate.

This week I’ve linked to an article on ways to use crowdfunding to support small businesses until normal business conditions return.

The article is focused on supporting small businesses with employees, which solo businesses don’t have, but crowdfunding may be something worth thinking about for launching or expanding a business.

It’s been around for a while – might it work for your business?

I’ve also linked to some great success tips, branding tips and sales tips.

Crowdfunding to support businesses during the pandemic

This article looks at 4 platforms where you can set up crowdfunding campaigns, how businesses have used crowdfunded money, and ways to reward the investors.

Each platform has different charging structures and terms, so if crowdfunding is something you’re considering, it’s worth looking around for a platform that best fits your business model.

Crowdfunding to support businesses in the pandemic

16 great success tips for solo business owners

There are some great tips here, and three that I wish I’d had when I first started out are numbers 8, 10 and 15.

Number 15 in particular (charging what you’re worth), is something new solo business owners find very hard to do – I certainly did, but the advice in this one is spot on.

Great success tips for solo business owners

Sales tips for solo business owners

Hot on the heels of deciding what I should charge, as something I struggled with when I first set out, came my lack of experience in, and dislike of, selling.

But it’s something that we all have to do – or we’ll end up very hungry!

This article goes through some simple but necessary steps that will help you to up your closing rate:

Sales tips for solo business owners

10 Tips to help you grow your business brand

Building your business brand is about establishing trust and credibility, so it takes time.

It’s also a lot more than a fancy logo!

This article looks at what building a successful brand involves, the success it can bring and how to build it.

Building a successful solo business brand

Fun flashback

I’ve been a fan of ELO for years – absolutely love their music. This is them performing Telephone Line at Wembley stadium and watching it makes me long for the time when we can enjoy live concerts again:

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