Don’t Underestimate the Value of What You’ve Built

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I first started blogging in 2008, 3 times a week, and I kept it up for 4 years. Then I ran out of things to say and stopped.

That was one of the stupidest things I’ve done.

Although I had been working online since 2006, 2008 was the year I first discovered WordPress. I learnt about it, and how to use it, and I was publishing tutorial and instructional posts on it.

At the time, without any paid promotion at all, I was getting up to 800 visits a day from the search engines (mostly Google).

Basically, I’d built up a pretty good asset.

But then, along with struggling to come up with new content, my complacency kicked in.

‘It won’t matter if I don’t post today’ became 3 days, then a week, and then nothing.

My visitor numbers didn’t drop off immediately, but they did start steadily declining.

I got involved in other things: building websites and doing telecom projects (my career, before I set up my business, was in telecoms).

But, as always, things move on. The contacts through which I got those projects moved to other disciplines, and the projects dried up.

I was left with building websites but, as I talked about a couple of weeks ago, project-based income from building websites is inconsistent.

In addition to setting up the maintenance service that I talked about, I wanted to refocus on affiliate marketing.

That meant reviving the website that I had allowed to die.

The reason I said that giving up blogging was the stupidest thing I’ve done, is because I had built up a good momentum with that website, and a level of authority with the search engines that was invaluable for getting targeted visitors to the site. But I threw it all away.

Now I had to start again from scratch.

The website was still getting 5 to 12 visits a day. It’s surprising it was getting any at all, actually!

I spent ages reviewing and removing all the outdated articles, updating those that could be updated and re-designing it.

And then I set about re-building the visitor numbers.

I can tell you: it’s a heck of a lot harder now than it was back in 2008, but they are slowly going in the right direction.

There are many things I could have done back in 2012, instead of giving up. I could have looked for collaborators to work with, opened up to guest posters, looked for new angles, and probably a lot more.

But I didn’t.

‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’ is an over-used expression, but it exactly describes what I did!

Never underestimate the value of what you’ve already built up, and always look out for additional, complementary revenue streams to build resilience in your business.

In the first article I’ve linked to below, Mark Schaefer, who started blogging around the same time I did, explains what he would do differently if he was starting over today – highly relevant to me!

This week’s links:

In addition to the article on starting over, I’ve covered 2 articles on video: how to create videos like a pro and how Tik Tok’s plan to increase the maximum video length to 10 minutes may cause problems for creators.

I’ve also linked to a detailed article on how to create profitable digital products.

5 Things Mark Schaefer would do differently

Mark Schaefer has been marketing online for 13 years, during which time the Internet has evolved out of all recognition. Here’s what he would focus on if he was starting out today:

5 things Mark Schaefer would do differently

5 lessons on creating videos like a pro

One of the things Mark Schaefer referred to in the previous article was a focus on creating videos.

In this article, Jodi Harris relays 5 lessons from Andrew Davis on how to create effective videos.

Whether you’re making videos with your phone, or using expensive equipment, there are some good tips here:

5 lessons on creating great videos

Tik Tok is increasing its video length to 10 minutes

James Hale discusses the different ways that YouTube and Tik Tok compensate creators and, as a result, how Tik Tok’s plan to allow 10-minute videos looks likely to distort creators’ compensation:

Tik Tok is increasing its video length to 10 minutes

How to create digital products that people actually want

This is a long and detailed article that goes, step-by-step, through the process of creating a successful digital product.

It covers everything from the benefits of selling digital products, through identifying the skills you have, that people would be prepared to pay for, identifying your ideal customers, to launching and growing your business:

How to create digital products


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Given that I talked about starting over today, I thought this would be appropriate: John Lennon with ‘Just Like Starting Over’:

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