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How to Edit Your Navigation Bar Labels in Thesis

WordPress Thesis Theme Logo. Thesis gives you a lot of control over your navigation bar.

You can adjust colours and fonts (which you do through the Design Options screen) and you can adjust the labels.

Adjusting your navigation bar labels, and defining which ones should appear in your navigation menu, is done through the Site Options screen.

Here's where you can you can define the order of menu items and edit the label to make it shorter and neater.

One thing to remember is that, by default, Thesis does not display a navigation bar label for new pages - you need to tell Thesis it should do so.

So when you create a new page there will be no navigation bar item for it unless you follow the process below.

Editing Your Navigation Bar Labels

Step 1:

Go to your Thesis Site Options screen, look for the Navigation Menu heading and click the '+' beside 'Pages'

Thesis Site Options Navigation Pages Controls.

Check the pages you want to appear in the Navigation Menu

Step 2:

Against each page is a check box, which you must check if you want that page to appear in the Navigation Bar.

Step 3:

To edit a label place your cursor on the one you want to edit and click. A blinking cursor will appear and you can edit your label.

Step 4:

To re-position a label within the Navigation Bar place your cursor over the right end of the box containing the label. When the crossed arrows appear you can drag the label up or down.

Dragging the label up will position it to the left in the Navigation Bar. Dragging it down will move it to the right.

Step 5:

When you're all done click the Big Ass Save button.

That's it - simple and quick!


Martin Malden

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