How to Embed Slide Shows from Picasa and Add Interest to Your Articles

Picasa Logo. As frustrating and irritating as I often find Google and its services to be, it does have some good ones.

Such as Picasa.

One of my clients is a bar and restaurant here in Hong Kong and they often take pictures of parties and other events they hold.

Being in the F & B industry, the management and staff are not as comfortable with techie stuff as those who regularly work online are.

So I’ve set up as many things as possible for them in Google. Email is directed from their company email address to Gmail (I described how here), their events calendar is embedded from Google Calendar (see how here) and their image galleries are embedded from Google Picasa.

All that means that they don’t have to worry about accessing and updating WordPress – they can do pretty much everything they need to do through their Google account.

Setting up and embedding galleries from Picasa

So here’s how to set up an image gallery in Picasa and embed it into WordPress (or any site)

Step 1:

Activate Google Picasa in your Google account and access it.

To set up a new album click ‘Upload’:

Upload button in Picasa.

Click 'Upload' to start the process

Step 2:

In the screen that pops up click the ‘Create a New Album’ link:

Create a new album link.

Click the 'Create a New Album' link

Step 3:

Fill in the Album details and click ‘Continue’:

Fill in the new album details screen.

Fill in the details of the new album and click 'Continue'

Step 4:

In the next screen browse to the images you want to upload and click ‘Start Upload’ when you’ve completed your selections:

Select the images to upload from your machine.

Browse to the images to upload and click 'Start Upload'

Note – if you install the desktop version of Picasa on your machine you can select entire folders of images, making the upload process much more efficient.

Step 5:

Once your images are uploaded click the ‘Link to this album’ link:

The link to get the embed code.

Click the link to get the embed code

You can choose either a link for an email or the embed code for a website.

Alternatively, if you prefer to embed a slide-show click the ‘Embed Slide-show’ link

In the window that pops up choose the options you want (size, inclusion of captions, etc.) then copy the embed code and click ‘Done’:

The Slide Show embed code screen.

Choose your options then copy the embed code

Step 6:

If you’re embedding your slide-show into a normal HTML page, paste the embed code into the page where you want it to appear.

If you’re embedding it in WordPress then select the HTML view and paste the code into the correct location.

If you have problems positioning the code in your page you may have come up against the WordPress HTML filters.

I use the Raw-HTML plugin on all WordPress sites I build and, by default, activate that whenever I want to embed scripts and other HTML in WordPress.

That will ensure you have complete control over the embedding and positioning of your gallery or slide-show

OK, that’s it,


Martin Malden

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  • Dorothy Ray Mar 1, 2011 @ 10:44

    Hi Martin,
    This is so neat. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much. You always have such good advice, but this one really got me excited.

    • Martin Mar 1, 2011 @ 12:39

      Hi Dorothy,

      Excellent – I’m delighted you liked it!

      It works well on my client’s site and I do the same thing (but with Flickr) on my travel sites and it works well there too.



  • Diane Cox Apr 23, 2011 @ 4:12

    Martin, I’ve been looking for a way for my clients to upload photos into the thesis theme without frustrating them half to death and this looks like the answer!

    • Martin Apr 23, 2011 @ 7:18

      Hi Diane,

      Yes – I use Google a lot for enabling non-techie clients to do stuff on their sites. In addition to uploading photos, I also embed Google Calendar if they want to be able to operate a calendar of events on their site, and I set up their email on Gmail, complete with proper signatures, reply-to/from addresses etc, to save them having to battle with Outlook.

      It enables them to do pretty much everything they need to with one log in, in an interface that’s easy and without the risk of screwing up the site.



  • dreamer May 9, 2011 @ 17:09

    hi THere,

    THanks so much for this!!!!! I really want ot have all the photos in 1 photosharing place (either picasa, or wordpress, or msn sky drive) and so far picasa has this neat embed slideshow thing.

    I’ve tried it… but instead of the slideshow being embedded there are 2 links one ending with .swf and second one that just says ” VIew All”

    WHen i click the first one it goes to a blank page and the second one takes me to the picasa album. but its still not embedded. do u know why?

    THanks a lot!

    • Martin May 9, 2011 @ 19:20

      Make sure you first click the ‘Link to this album’ link, then click the ’embed slideshow’ link, which is below the two snippets of code that appear after clicking ‘link to this album’.

      When you click ’embed slideshow’ a new, small window will pop up – that one contains the code you need to paste into your page.