That Error Warning from Google Search Console may be a False Positive – Here’s how to Check

Over the past year or more I was becoming increasingly frustrated with Google Search Console because I kept getting error warnings.

Initially these mostly related to ‘Mobile Usability’ and I’d get a warning that ‘clickable elements were too close together’ or ‘text too small to read’ – when no changes had been made to the site for months.

More recently I’ve been getting other warnings (‘Breadcrumbs > Missing field Item’) which also turned out to be false.

Quite by chance, I discovered recently that if you go through the process of investigating the error and click the ‘Test Live URL’ button, the live page is returned as clean.

Meaning there was no error in the first place.

Frustrating, but at least I can now dispense with these false error reports without going through the tortuous process of trying to fix something that is not broken!

The video I’ve linked to below is in my Wealthy Affiliate account, and it shows you the steps I take to clear out the false error reports:

How to check for false positives on Google Search Console

Let me know if I need to clarify anything in a comment below 🙂


Martin Malden

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