Fluidity: The New Normal

Text of my newsletter from 17th May.

I’ve done two things in the last two months that had never occurred to me before: been a guest on a podcast and designed a t-shirt to promote my business.

Neither is rocket science, and both have been around for some time. It’s just that I hadn’t considered them before.

Additionally, I formed a partnership for a new business project a couple of months ago, and I’m currently exploring the possibility of a second collaborative business partnership.

Again, nothing dramatic.

I didn’t consider I was doing anything out of the ordinary, until I read the first article I’ve linked to today: it coins the term ‘fluidity’.

Fluidity is something the Millennial generation does naturally but, for us in the Gen-X and Boomer generations, it requires a bit of a mind-shift.

I remember the time when, if you changed your employer after two years, you were considered an unreliable job-hopper.

Today, it’s quite likely that your employer will change you after two years.

Fluidity simply refers to being flexible enough to keep a number of balls in the air at the same time, dropping those that you don’t like, or don’t work out, and focusing on those that you do, to open up different options.

And, of course, being open to new options.

I freely admit to being a dinosaur in the past, and sticking to what I thought was my USP, but the pandemic has persuaded me to open my mind.

This week’s articles

In addition to the article on fluidity, I’ve linked to one on low-cost marketing hacks (which follows the fluidity theme), how a Microsoft employee made the transition to entrepreneur, and 3 steps to getting your first client.

The key to business growth in 2021

Connie Steele describes in this interview how ‘fluidity’ is the skill that is increasingly going to make the difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses.

It’s already a characteristic being displayed by Millennials, and it’s one that us Gen-Xers and Boomers need to pivot towards to give our businesses greater resilience in these uncertain times:

Fluidity – the key to business growth in 2021

3 low-cost marketing hacks that work

Many businesses, mine included, have suffered in the pandemic because it has imposed so many changes on the ‘usual’ way of doing things.

In some cases, businesses have had to look carefully at costs.

This article by Drew Allen looks at 3 marketing techniques that cost little, but are very effective.

3 low-cost marketing hacks that work

From Microsoft employee to entrepreneur

Jonathan Bailor, who was a program manager with Microsoft, describes how he made the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

He followed a route that I’ve touted often by starting his first business as a side hustle, while still working for Microsoft.

He grew it to the point it was so successful he had to make a choice: Microsoft or his side hustle.

From Microsoft employee to entrepreneur

3 steps to getting your first client

Terry Rice has some great advice, and a template to follow, if you’re wondering how to get your first client.

He is a consultant, so this article focuses on consultants, but the approach is applicable to any business type.

It’s a simple approach, but it can be uncomfortable emotionally – as change often is.

If you’re still looking for your first client this one’s worth a read:

3 steps to getting your first client

Fun flashback

Two of my musical heroes, David Bowie and Queen, get together for this version of ‘Under Pressure’.

What a performer Freddie Mercury was!

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