How to Get Started with Internet Marketing

Getting any new business off the ground is tough – and Internet Marketing is no different.

This site is packed with tips and tutorials on setting up and operating an online Internet Marketing business.

There are also lots of articles on Internet Marketing and the principles of Search Engine Optimisation, both of which you’ll need to become familiar with.

The myth of the simple system

Unfortunately, in their attempt to join the ranks of online millionaires, hundreds of Internet Marketers have released products over the years claiming you can be earning $x,000 a week by this time next week, if you just follow their simple system.

I fell victim to this hype when I first started and the result was that I developed completely wrong expectations about what it required to develop an online business.

Let’s be clear: there are no silver bullets or ‘simple systems’. It takes time, work, proper planning and proper funding.

So I’ve linked to some articles below that address some of the fundamental things you need to get in place for your business to be successful.

An online business is still a business, and it needs to be treated as one.

It has a lot of advantages over a bricks and mortar business, including the much-reduced start up capital required and the ability to work from wherever you like, as long as you have Internet access. And the rewards can be great.

But it’s still a business.

Get the basics in place

As long as you get some basics in place and do the work, you can be successful. And some of those basics include a proper plan, proper funding, a product that fills a real need and a readiness to put in the work.

If you’re not already familiar with the basic technology you’ll be using, it will repay you in spades to learn about it. There’s a series of articles on the basics here.

And, as I mentioned above, you’ll need to learn how to market online and attract lots of visitors from the search engines.

The articles below cover some different aspects of setting up your new business.

At the bottom of each of the articles is a link to a list of related articles – click the link next to ‘Filed in:’ to find more information on the same subject.

Setting up your business

This first article is a reminder of just why this is the perfect time to start your own business:

Why this is the Best Time to Start a Small Business.

The next one discusses how to identify your strengths and use them to turn recessions and poor economic times to your advantage by starting your own business:

5 Ways to Turn Recessions into Opportunities.

The next one is an overview the steps you need to take to get an online business set up:

How to Start an Internet Marketing Business

The next one discusses the importance of having a product that meets a real need with which to underpin your business, and some ways of getting one:

If you Want to Make Money Online Sell Something.

Managing your move from employment to self-employment

This one looks at some of the challenges you’ll face when you start working from home and how to overcome them:

7 Ways to Make Working at Home Productive and Enjoyable.

The next one covers 10 things to do (or not do) that will help you be successful with your new business:

10 Steps to Success Online.

How to get all the information you need to start and operate an online business

These are just a few of the articles on this site that cover some of the basics. Think of them as a kind of orientation!

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Enjoy the articles and explore the related articles for more information and different approaches.

Good luck with it!


Martin Malden