Money? Fame? Or Both?

What do you really want for your blog?

If I’m to believe Johnny B Truant’s message it isn’t your first answer.

And I do believe him because, honestly, the answer I’ve given myself for a long time is not the real answer either.

I’ve spent months (years, actually) focused solely on building up traffic for my blog. So my answer to anyone asking me what my goal for my blog is would have been ‘traffic’, or ‘readers’. (And more of both).

But I’d have been wrong.

What I really want from my blog is an income.

And the light-bulb moment for me reading Johnny’s guest post on Problogger, was the realisation that I don’t necessarily need thousands of readers before I can earn money.

I do already earn a few pennies from here, mostly from my consulting gigs and promoting Thesis. It keeps the lights on, but I definitely want more.

Johnny sets out 5 principles that will help you to earn money from your blog when you don’t have a hernia-inducing mailing list or a mountain of readers.

So what do you really want from your blog?

If it’s money, his article is well worth a read – see it here.

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