Grammar Bloopers to Avoid

Text of my newsletter from 21st June.

Elementary grammar and spelling errors make you seem unprofessional, even dumb. And they can completely change what you’re trying to say.

One that I come across often is the expression “I could care less”, when what they are trying to say is that they don’t care at all.

The correct expression is “I couldn’t care less” – or “I could not care less”.

Saying you ‘could care less’ actually means that you care quite a lot!

Another error that completely changes the meaning of a sentence is the wrong use of commas:

“Let’s eat, Grandma” is a nice invitation to share a meal.

“Let’s eat Grandma” is what a couple of cannibals might say to each other.

Given that written content is a key part of any business’ marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure that readers are not being turned off by unnecessary, and easily corrected, grammar bloopers.

The first article I’ve linked to this week highlights 11 common grammar errors, and how to avoid them.

This week’s links

In addition to the grammar bloopers, this week I’ve linked to an article on how to structure good email newsletters, an interview with a small body care business owner, and the result of an experiment to see how quickly hackers try out stolen passwords.

Grammar mistakes that make you look dumb – and how to avoid them

Last week I linked to an article on copywriting, so this week I’m taking it a step further by highlighted some common grammar errors that not only make you look dumb but can change what you’re trying to say.

11 common grammar mistakes

How to Structure Email Newsletters

Email marketing has, for years, proved to be the most cost-effective marketing channel, and so building an email subscriber list has become a key part of marketing plans for businesses, large and small.

But structuring your email in a way that will ensure it’s as effective as possible is a skill that needs constant polishing.

Jenn Chen takes us through 6 components of a successful email newsletter:

6 components of a successful email newsletter

Interview: Sherazad Jamal of Free Lion Body Care

The variety of small businesses is almost infinite and, in this interview, Sherazad Jamal talks about why she started her body care business, the challenges she faced, how she dealt with them, and how she operates it.

Interview: Free Lion Body Care

How quickly hackers use stolen passwords

I’ve mentioned it before: stolen usernames and passwords are the currency of the hacking world.

Once a hacker has the access details to any of your accounts, they will immediately try to access other services that you may be using and, if they are successful, they will add your details to a list that they put up for sale.

Researchers at Agari seeded thousands of login credentials (usernames and passwords) that looked genuine but actually belonged to the researchers, to see how quickly they were picked up and tried out by real hackers.

Here’s what happened:

How quickly are stolen passwords used?

Fun flashback

I never thought of Prince as a serious guitar player but I was blown away when I found this video.

It’s a version of The Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which also features Dhani Harrison (George’s son) and Jeff Lynne. But the bit that blew me away is Prince’s guitar solo at the end:

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