How to Grow Your Revenue: Focus on User Experience

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In my business, I frequently meet customers who want their websites to include sliding images, dancing icons, ads top, bottom and middle, fancy cursive fonts, and so on.

Here’s the problem: they are looking at their design from their own (ego driven) perspective.

In psychology study after psychology study, results have shown that when people are presented with too much information, they do not make decisions.

And the one thing you want people to do when they come to your business, is to make a decision!

Whether it’s your website, or any other part of your business, there’s a design formula that is way more effective:

Simplicity + Clarity + Speed = Success

This is what people mean when they talk about the User Experience, or UX.

Google is busily rolling out a major update at the moment, that measures the experience users have when they visit your website, and it’s using the results of those tests as part of its ranking algorithm.

So a good user experience on your website will help it to appear higher in the search results.

But it’s not limited to your website: it applies to every customer touch point in your business.

The first two articles I’ve linked to this week cover how to grow your revenue by improving the user experience your business offers your customers.

This week’s links

In addition to those articles on growing your revenue, I’ve linked to one on 4 content marketing pitfalls to avoid, and one that exposes, as bad, the advice to ‘follow your passion’ if you want to build a successful business.

Focus on user experience to grow your revenue

The most successful business websites are not those with the flashiest designs, sliding images and dancing icons.

Those features distract site visitors from what you want them to do.

Whether it’s in the design of your website, or of any other part of your business, it’s imperative to make your customers’ experience as simple and easy as possible.

Don’t make them think.

This article was written in 2018, but its message is even more relevant today than it was then, particularly in view of that Google algorithm change that I mentioned earlier:

Using user experience to grow your revenue

3 strategies to drive up your revenue

This article, by Kevin Gustavson and Randy Baker, starts from the point that you’ve already got the fundamentals of your business defined: you know who you’re selling to, the problem you’re solving for them and the solution you’ve developed.

With those fundamentals in place, here are 3 more ways to drive up your revenue:

3 strategies to drive up revenue

Content Marketing Pitfalls

Content Marketing was a term coined in the middle noughties, when it was a good way of getting your website to be returned higher in the search results.

Now, 15 or more years later, it’s still a strategy to follow but, rather than acting as search engine bait, it’s evolved into a way to demonstrate depth of knowledge, and so build your brand authority.

But it’s easy to get wrong, and doing so will do more harm than good.

This article looks at 4 common content marketing mistakes, and how to avoid them:

4 mistakes that will kill your content marketing efforts

Turning your Passion into Profit (or not)

When you’re thinking about starting your own business you’ll often see or hear advice telling you to ‘follow your passion’, the logic being that if you’re passionate about something you will be good at it.

Sadly, that’s often not the case. Or, at least, you may not be good enough at your passion to make a decent living from it.

In this thought-provoking article on ‘Richdad’, Mike Rowe exposes the problem with that advice and offers a different view:

Turning your passion into profit

Fun flashback

One of the bands I played in during the 80s was called Level 4 – partly after Level 42 and partly because we all worked on the 4th floor of the company I was employed by at the time.

Mark King, the bass player in Level 42, introduced the ‘Slap Bass’ style that became part of their trademark. His ‘Slap Bass’ playing is captured during this performance of Lessons in Love, in 2010:

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