Need Some Help with Your WordPress Website?

Having worked with WordPress since 2006 I am deeply knowledgeable on both the hosted and self-hosted versions.

In 2009 I set up my WordPress services business and by 2012 it had become my main source of regular income. Since then I’ve served clients in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK.

I have built a couple of sister sites to this one, either of which may provide you with useful information and tools:

Need a professional WordPress website? Click here.

Need some help with security for your WordPress website? Click here.

Some useful tools to help with security Click here.

Based in Hong Kong, serving clients globally

Although based in Hong Kong, I serve customers globally: currently the UK and Australia.

If you’re not in Hong Kong, I use Skype and CoPilot or, to coach you and help you through specific steps on your machine, as if I was sitting next to you.

And using my development sites you can see exactly how your site will look when it’s live (not always the case when Photoshop mockups are used) because I develop the design, look and feel you’re looking for with your input and involvement – as if we were face to face.

Website design, build and maintenance

I work with professionals and small- to medium-sized businesses.

There are lots of people offering web site design and build services, some of them extremely cheaply.

But I take a different approach: I focus on delivering a high-quality site, fast loading, well optimised for the search engines and designed to your specific requirements.

Unique layouts and designs to your requirements

I build all new sites on the WordPress platform, using the Thesis framework to deliver a completely unique layout and design to your specifications and requirements.

I do not use standard WordPress themes because the standard of coding varies so widely on those, and poorly coded themes have a detrimental effect on the SEO of your site.

WordPress and Thesis are both well-established, current platforms that are being continuously developed. This ensures they are stable and reliable and yet keep pace with new developments in online technology.

The benefit to you is that your site will always be working smoothly and efficiently and you’ll be able to make use of the latest applications.

Because I know both WordPress and Thesis very well, and I know Internet Marketing very well, this brings you the following benefits:

  • Your site will be designed and laid out to your specific requirements
  • Your site will be based on a superbly coded platform for optimum SEO and page-load times
  • Your site will be set up with additional security built in, hugely reducing the chances of it being hacked
  • Your site will be highly scalable: it will be easy to add additional functionality as your requirements grow in the future

For more details click here; for some sample sites click here; and if you have questions contact me here.

Site support, maintenance and backup services

Once your website is live it needs ongoing support and maintenance. The main reason for this is to protect yourself against the exponential increase in hacking globally.

The best protection against hackers is to keep your software applications up to date and to create regular, clean back ups of your entire site (not just the database).

To protect your site and give you peace of mind, I offer an ongoing site maintenance, upgrading and updating service. As part of this I will:

  • Create weekly backups of your entire site. Full backups will also be done before any changes are made, and daily database backups can be arranged if you post new articles regularly.
  • If your site is hacked I will restore it within 24 hours, from the most recent backup. (Despite the extra security I build in, no one can ever guarantee your site won’t be hacked).
  • I will ensure that all WordPress core code, Thesis core code and plugins (supplementary applications) are updated promptly and, in any case, within 48 hours of being available.
  • All security patches and updates will be applied to your site immediately they are available
  • I will monitor the way your site is seen by the search engines on a daily basis and deal with any problems that arise.
  • I will monitor your site itself (the front end) on a daily basis and deal with any problems that arise.

The benefit to you is that your site will always be fully optimised, running smoothly and quickly, and day to day problems will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Giving you the peace of mind and time to get on with what you do best: managing your business.

You can see the details of what we offer here.

I’d be delighted to help you develop a powerful web presence! Let me know how – contact me here!

Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting

Who will benefit?

If you’re starting your Internet Marketing career and you’re new, or reasonably new, to WordPress, blogging and working online, I can help.

If you’re running a business and you know in your heart of hearts that you need to develop an effective online presence, I can help.

Or if you’re facing something that you’re stuck with, however long you’ve been working online, I can help.

By means of CoPilot, and Skype or Google Talk, I can mentor, coach and provide consultancy services to you wherever you live, as long as you have good Internet access.

For more details of my consultancy services click here, or click here to contact me (absolutely no obligation).

Let’s see how I can help.

What my customers are saying:

Susan Bilheimer – Owner,

“…Too often, those who teach how to make money online overpromise and underdeliver. Martin’s approach is the opposite.

I stumbled on his site, I have no clue how. But his invaluable tips on marketing in his newsletter really resonated with me. And, rather than have him design my site, I requested that he impart some of that knowledge to me, and we struck a deal.

I learned more in that short time with Martin than from many to whom I’ve paid a grand fortune.

His no-nonsense, bottom line approach is all substance and no fluff. He taught me a great deal about using Thesis, which I hope to begin doing soon…”

Sandra Du Plessis – Owner, Home Safety For Kids

“… Some little while ago, I decided to split a rather large and unwieldy site into 3 WordPress sites.

I asked questions all over the place in the Warrior Forum and stumbled across Martin when he stepped forward to answer one of my questions.

To most people it is quite easy to set up if you understand these things. Of course, me being me I was more than slightly confused.

Back to Martin and his incredible patience. He created a custom style sheet for me, then tried to talk me through setting everything up correctly. Of course, I messed it up completely, but no problem, Martin went in and fixed it all up beautifully at absolutely no cost.

I recommend Martin and his services most highly.

Martin, thank you so much for your kindness and patience…”

Jenny Rogan, Owner,

“……One thing I will say about you Martin, is that you are ALWAYS upfront with your info OR it is very clear in the processes you have laid out, just what is required to, (in this case), register a domain name with you…”

Web Services

For more details on the WordPress design and maintenance services I can provide drop me a line.

I look forward to being of service to you!

Martin Malden