How Does A Blog Benefit SEO?

I just saw an interesting question in a forum: how does a blog help with SEO?  Here’s the answer I offered:

An active (and that’s important) blog is attractive to a search engine for three primary reasons:

  1. It’s updated with new information regularly
  2. Through the mechanism of tags and categories (or labels on blogger), its content is well organised and, therefore, easy for the search engines to find.  (And readers too, of course!).
  3. By means of the comments and trackback features, it has input, contributions and links from people in addition to the blogmaster, which the search engines like.

All that pre-supposes that the blog is active – that’s important!

However, the reason that articles on blogger and blogs, particularly new blogs, get indexed so quickly has more to do with the domain than with the blog.

And you can test that out very quickly and easily:

If you write a new article and set it up on a new (or blogger) blog and a new article and set it up on a new self hosted wordpress blog on a new domain, the (or blogger) article will get indexed and start ranking in the search results very much more quickly.  We’re talking days as against months here.

However, this changes over the long haul if you set up your own blog on your own domain.

Once the search engines find it and once your domain establishes its credibility with the search engines, then new articles on your blog will be indexed very quickly.  My articles are often indexed within an hour of publishing them.

This is because of the 3 reasons I mentioned above, but also because your domain has now established its credibility and you can tweak your self hosted (WordPress) blog almost infinitely, to increase its SEO effectiveness.

So, to answer your question ‘how does a blog benefit SEO’:  If you have an existing static site which has been operating for a while and you set up a blog in a sub directory then, as long as your blog is active, it will start to attract the search engines and, subsequently, some of the credibility that your blog generates will pass back to your main site.

And, of course, you can use your blog to direct the traffic its getting back to your main site as well – so it effectively becomes a feeder site.

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  • Sarah 7 October, 2008, 3:30 am

    Very helpful article. It fascinates me how the world of search engines work. It seems so simple to create a blog and hope that others will read it and find it of interest, but it’s amazing how much detail and technology is really involved. It’s not just about writing an article and hoping someone will notice it somewhere out there in cyberspace.

  • WealthyDragon 7 October, 2008, 7:26 am

    Thanks Sarah,

    Yes – it is all pretty complex and getting more so.

    This is why I continually go on about writing for people, and focusing your efforts on delivering value to your readers, rather than trying to out think the search engines!



  • Andy Bailey 7 October, 2008, 5:14 pm

    I have quite a few static sites from the old days that got a few visits each day.

    after 6 months of blogging and linking to them from the blog within articles covering their subjects, they all receive hundreds where there were once 10.

    I’d recommend getting a blog for every online business.

    Andy Bailey´s last blog post..I wanted to join Starfleet

  • WealthyDragon 7 October, 2008, 10:25 pm

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for visiting! Yep – blogging is definitely good for traffic, especially if you’re linking smartly, as you’ve described. No question.

    The point I’m trying to make, though, is that putting up a blog on or Blogger and posting an article or two is not the entire answer.

    A blog needs continual posting, and continual activity if it’s going to bring traffic benefits to your site.

    As with anything worth achieving – it takes work and perseverance!

    BTW – everyone – Andy is the author of the CommentLuv plugin I’m using. It’s been a totally hassle free installation and Andy’s support is first class. If you’re looking for a way to help foster community around your blog check out his site by clicking his name above.



  • Josh Neumann 8 October, 2008, 10:34 pm

    Thanks for the informative article. I currently only have wordpress and blogger blogs, so it might be time to get my own blog after reading this.

  • Eric 8 October, 2008, 11:58 pm

    Nice article Martin.

    Once you can get your domain up to some level of authority with Google, things really do take off as far as traffic goes. Having a blog has certainly helped drive traffic to my consulting and web hosting sites.

    Eric´s last blog post..WordPress Security: Keeping your Blog Secure

  • WealthyDragon 9 October, 2008, 7:29 am

    Thanks Eric,

    I’m delighted your sites are benefitting from your blog. The trick is to keep your blog active and this will ultimately benefit the static sites which are within your online footprint.



  • Marsha 22 October, 2008, 5:14 am

    I think that regular blog posting affects the SERP of your blog tremendously.
    Just be persistent and write a post every day or two and you’ll start to get indexed within minutes, trust me!
    BTW, I’m also using commentluv – it’s absolutely great!

    Marsha´s last blog post..Shampoo bowls and Shampoo units

  • WealthyDragon 22 October, 2008, 11:13 am

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks and agreed – the search engines do react well to regular activity on your blog.



  • Thabo Oupa Moremoholo 17 January, 2009, 7:22 pm

    This was an amazing information for as i am new in this field.It has opened my eyes and i will check from time to time.Thank you

    Thabo Oupa Moremoholo´s last blog post..Weight Loss -Know when you need it and when you don`t

    • WealthyDragon 18 January, 2009, 7:43 am

      Hi again Thabo,

      Glad it was helpful!



  • Prasad Rane 27 October, 2009, 6:35 pm

    Hi, Nice blog and nice post. Im newbie and have learn too many things from ur blog. Thanks

    • WealthyDragon 27 October, 2009, 6:36 pm

      You’re welcome,