Avoid those Spelling and Grammar Bloopers!

In these days of spelling and grammar checkers, both online and off-line, I’m continually amazed by how many blogs and websites I read contain obvious spelling errors.

I’m not talking about the differences between American English and UK English, or Australian English – I’m talking out and out spelling errors.

Spelling and grammar errors distract from the message of the article. And if that is a sales message you will often lose a sale.

So here’s a simple method I use to make sure that my articles a) don’t contain spelling errors and b) are formatted the way I want.

  1. I write my article in Word. Word contains both spelling and grammar checkers, and it has become pretty good at this
  2. Once my article is clean I copy it into Windows Notepad (any text editor will do). This removes all the formatting that Word automatically puts in, so that it doesn’t clash with the HTML in WordPress
  3. I copy the unformatted text from Notepad and paste it into WordPress.
  4. I format the article
  5. I then leave the article for a few hours before reading it again.
  6. When I read the article again I’m looking out for words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong context. For example:
    • They’re vs. Their vs. There
    • It’s vs. Its
    • Effect vs. Affect
    • Your vs. You’re

Word picks up quite a few of these now, but you still need to check!

The other benefit of leaving your article for at least some hours (I leave it until the next day before doing a new edit) is that you will be coming to it with a fresh mind.

This will be how your reader sees it and you will be able to see how it reads to a first-timer.

I always find this leads to more edits that greatly improve the article.

With all the apps and services that offer spelling and grammar checkers today there is really no excuse for publishing a poorly spelt article!


Martin Malden

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