How to Find a Starving Crowd

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“..Find a starving crowd, find out what they want to eat, and feed it to them..”

That’s all market-research is (despite the sophisticated jargon that gets bandied around).

It’s also the simplest way I can think of to describe the best way to start and grow a successful one-person business.

However clever and brilliant a product is, it will not make you rich if no one wants to buy it.

Find or develop a product or service that people really need – that will make you rich.

This week I’ve linked to articles on starting and growing a small business, plus one on how to deal with the inevitable times when nothing seems to go right.

5 Ways to Scale Your Solopreneur Business

This article looks at how you can grow your solo business without driving yourself into the nut house.

Apart from reprising the ‘Find a starving crowd. . .’ message, it also looks at why you should get specialist help to complement your strengths through outsourcing and investing in systems.

Marketing is the process of telling your starving crowd that you have what they want, and this article touches on some automated marketing systems.

Just one word of caution: it recommends Pay Per Click as a strategy and, while what it says is all true, Pay Per Click can work out extremely expensive if it’s not done correctly. So be sure to do some research before diving in.

5 ways to scale your solo business

How to use Fiverr to outsource tasks (or pick up projects for yourself)

This article also looks at growing your business through outsourcing, and it focuses on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great place to find outsource resources, but it has a double benefit: if you have a skill you can sell then you can register yourself on the site and pick up gigs for yourself.

This will help you generate some cash in the early months and enable you to refine your service offering through the experience of taking on projects for others.

Here’s a description of how Fiverr works:

How to use Fiverr to outsource jobs or pick up projects

6 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Mums

Last week I touched on the benefit of starting an online business: all you need is a computer and a decent Internet connection.

So here are 6 more business ideas, 3 (and possibly 4) of which are run online.

This article also looks at businesses to avoid because, while they might seem attractive at first sight, they are volatile and require a lot more work than you might expect.

And, finally, it gives you some criteria against which to evaluate your business idea to see if it will fly.

6 business ideas for stay-at-home Mums

How to keep growing your business when nothing seems to be working

No matter what stage you’re at with your business, I recommend this article – because all businesses go through this phase at some point:

The time when nothing you do seems to work.

When this time comes around the temptation of the ‘new shiny object’ is hard to resist! (Shiny object: “Ooh, that sounds exciting – let’s try it”).

Instead, this article focuses on being clear on the basics and setting goals over which you have control – focusing on habits rather than targets.

I’ve been the victim of ‘Shiny Object’ syndrome in the past – it’s definitely best avoided!

How to keep going when nothing seems to be working

Fun flashback

The Year of the Cat takes me back to my student days, it’s a great song. But I love this video because it has possibly the cheesiest introduction to a live performance I have ever seen. Unfortunately the video quality is not too good, but it’s still worth a listen:

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