How To Lose Website Traffic

I saw another excellent rant by Jack Humphrey today on the question of No Follow.

Do you still look for No Follow blogs to comment on or link to?  If you do you’re wasting time and losing traffic.

I’ve written many times now, here and here for starters, on why it’s important to write for people, not the search engines.  Just to be repetitious, here’s why:

People may buy from you.  The search engines definitely will not.

The important people to have reading your site are those who like what you write about, who come back often and who tell their friends about you (by linking to you).

Focusing your attention on things like the No Follow tag is a waste of effort.  It’s the wrong focus.

The search engines are forever changing their algorithms so trying to keep up with them is a never ending pursuit.

But the one thing that remains consistently effective in doing well in the search results is good quality, well written content.  So focus on your business and focus on writing good stuff.

And when you find it on other blogs, link to it, regardless of any so-called SEO considerations.

Linking to it increases your blogosphere footprint, which will bring you new visitors from high quality blogs and sites, and that will only benefit your site.

And if they happen to have the No Follow tag turned off you may even get some extra benefit.

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What do you think?