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When You Cannot Insert Images into WordPress

Sometimes, just sometimes, the commands on the toolbars in the WordPress post- or page-write screens decide they’re not going to work.

As frustrating as that is, particularly when you’re trying to get a post published by a deadline, the fix is usually pretty simple.

But that didn’t stop me taking 5 hours today, doing all sorts of investigations, before I was reminded of the first step in WordPress trouble shooting …

Deactivate all your plugins and see if the problem still exists.

A friend I was helping had a problem: every time she tried to insert an image using the ‘Add Image’ button in the Visual View, she was presented with a question: ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’

When she clicked ‘Yes’ she got taken straight back to the post-write screen. No insert image dialogue, no other error messages, nothing.


I went everywhere in my search for the problem.

The theme she’s using is Thesis, and Thesis has some image insertion and customization capabilities. So I went through all those to eliminate any possible clashes.

I inserted a database management plugin and searched for problems there. I updated a whole bunch of plugins which had available upgrades, verified she was using the latest version of WordPress and even re-installed WordPress.


Inserting and positioning images manually, through the HTML view, worked fine. So I started to write out step by step instructions.

But that wasn’t going to fix the problem. It was just avoiding it.

So I turned to Google. And half way through the first thread I pulled up were the magic words: ‘Deactivate all your plugins and re-activate them one by one until you find the problem’

The 9th plugin I reactivated was the culprit. It was a contact form plugin so I installed a different one, activated it and everything immediately worked like a charm.

Boy did I kick myself 🙂

That should have been my first step and I’d wasted nearly 5 hours with all that other messing around.

Good thing I wasn’t busy today – not!

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